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D777518 Bottle  
D777530 Container with latch  
D777517 Fortune glass  
D777528 Mountable substrate having dual cup holders  
D777538 Grinder accessory  
D777529 Holder  
D777535 Collapsible container  
D777573 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D777504 Countertop oven with bumper  
D777513 Tea infuser  
D777507 Multi-feed wort chiller  
D777511 Beverage tag  
D777498 Beverage dispenser  
D777501 Toaster  
D777515 Blender container  
D777521 Cup for soup  
D777520 Beverage container  
D777499 Coffee maker  
D777522 Avocado bowl  
D777503 Induction range  
D777516 Fire basket for smoker  
D777523 Seasoning dispenser  
D777534 Egg separator  
D777531 Knife block  
D777502 Oven  
D777524 Pod carousel  
D777532 Utensil handle for fork, knife, teaspoon and soup spoon  
D777527 Mountable substrate having a cup holder and a smoking apparatus keeper  
D777525 Fruit bowl  
D777540 Vegetable strip peeler  
D777572 Wine box cover  
D777539 Toothpick  
D777512 Thermos bottle with surface pattern  
D777526 Beverage holder  
D777533 Knife  
D777519 Cup  
D777508 Sports bottle cap  
D777506 Round pan  
D777514 Drinking container infuser  
D777537 Food cutting device  
D777574 Conformable and flexible container liner  
D777509 Utensil handle  
D777505 Multicooker  
D777536 Expandable stuffing basket  
D776978 Supply assembly for a food homogenizer  
D776983 Cooking lid holder  
D776984 Fruit bowl  
D776985 Food storage container for refrigerator  
D776986 Mountable substrate having a cup holder  
D776976 Attachment portion for a beverage tap handle