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D778676 Beverage container  
D778662 Beer cooler  
D778691 Colander  
D778686 Tub cooler with lid  
D778674 Fireball  
D778693 Combined scoop and pick  
D778679 Dish  
D778668 Coffee dripper  
D778155 Food tray  
D778121 Stackable disposable knife  
D778131 Funnel  
D778113 Water container  
D778106 Kitchen implement handle  
D778109 Cup lid  
D778098 Coffee maker  
D778115 Food tray  
D778123 Stackable disposable spoon  
D778104 Kettle  
D778129 Egg cracker  
D778107 Kitchen implement handle  
D778117 Beverage bottle  
D778101 Cooktop  
D778116 Plate  
D778173 Combination bottle and pill box  
D778112 Two compartment container  
D778154 Food tray  
D778111 Cooktop grate  
D778102 Cooktop  
D778124 Stackable disposable soup spoon  
D778110 Oven  
D778126 Vacuum chamber  
D778095 Beverage container  
D778114 Bottle  
D778103 Pan  
D778127 Slow juicer  
D778119 Napkin holder  
D778122 Stackable disposable fork  
D778108 Kitchen implement handle  
D778130 Mincer  
D778096 Dispenser  
D778097 Container  
D778105 Inclined cereal bowl stand  
D778125 Beverage extractor  
D778120 Stackable disposable spork  
D778118 Beverage bottle  
D778100 Induction range  
D778099 Cooktop  
D778128 Splatter shield  
D777510 Beverage garnish clip  
D777500 Electric kettle