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D779274 Wine glass  
D779288 Cup holder  
D779275 Container  
D779267 Lid for food storage container  
D779268 Closed cookware side handle  
D779269 Container rib  
D779260 Kettle  
D779295 Transparent box with compartments  
D779272 Cold water container for refrigerator  
D779291 Interlocking cups for peeling garlic  
D779262 Oven  
D779325 Container lid  
D779285 Beverage holder  
D779286 Beverage container coaster  
D779273 Cold water container for refrigerator  
D779265 Blender base  
D779259 Kettle  
D779278 Hopper  
D779280 Coffee pod storage device  
D779279 Hopper  
D779284 Cup holder  
D779270 Taco plate  
D779283 Cork-lined container  
D779287 Lunch container  
D778681 Holder for cup-shaped capsule  
D778675 Tea bottle  
D778692 Vegetable retainer for vegetable cooking utensil  
D778671 Microwave oven door  
D778670 Oven  
D778689 Fork knife combination  
D778669 Water container  
D778673 Blade set  
D778682 Holder for cup-shaped capsule  
D778678 Oval food and beverage tray  
D778688 Drink coaster from straws  
D778677 Bottle  
D778690 Spoon  
D778661 Bottle  
D778665 Blender base  
D778664 Pan  
D778672 Microwave oven  
D778667 Venturi device  
D778685 Holder  
D778687 Supercooled beverage crystallization slush device with illumination  
D778642 Pan rack  
D778684 Carousel for foodstuff containers  
D778683 Holder for cup-shaped capsule  
D778680 Dish  
D778663 Microwave oven  
D778666 Cap for a food shaker and blender