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D780519 Insulated wine glass  
D780530 Beverage holder  
D780517 Lid and bottle combination  
D780509 Tap handle  
D780529 Beverage chiller  
D779871 Grill pan  
D779874 Cookware elongated side handle  
D779870 Barbecue  
D779886 Beverage container  
D779939 Lid  
D779885 Water bottle  
D779880 Mug cup  
D779883 Transparent drinking vessel  
D779889 Hopper  
D779872 Lid for a shaker bottle  
D779894 Flavor injector  
D779890 Hopper  
D779893 Knife insert for drawer  
D779888 Candy dispenser  
D779895 Pizza stone lifter  
D779877 Cooking support  
D779892 Beverage holder  
D779879 Tray set  
D779875 Cold brew filter basket  
D780302 Vented chimney cap assembly  
D779896 Oyster opener or replica thereof  
D779876 Oven range  
D779887 Cup carrier tray  
D779881 Cold water container for refrigerator  
D779891 Beverage holder  
D779878 Taco holder  
D779882 Beverage container  
D779873 Cookware side handle  
D779884 Stemless insulated wine glass  
D779261 Grill  
D779277 Hopper  
D779294 Kitchen tool  
D779281 Coffee pod storage device  
D779271 Taco stand  
D779290 Combined cookie stamp container and stamps  
D779266 Lid for food storage container  
D779282 Cloth holder  
D779264 Microwave oven  
D779257 Beverage brewer  
D779263 Microwave oven  
D779292 Kitchen utensil  
D779276 Container  
D779293 Foodstuff mill or replica thereof  
D779289 Melon carving knife  
D779258 Beverage dispenser