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D781096 Gas oven range  
D781102 Oven  
D781106 Bottle and lid combination  
D781112 Beverage holder  
D781103 Insulated drinking tumbler and lid  
D781158 Bottle carrier  
D781100 Band for decorative glassware  
D781108 Two-layered cup  
D781146 Lid  
D781095 Coffee maker  
D781110 Lunch bag  
D781145 Lid  
D780500 Coffee machine  
D780539 Bagel knife  
D780521 Ice chest with attached umbrella holder  
D780516 Drinking bottle  
D780502 Grill  
D780515 Electric lighter  
D780536 Drum grater  
D780534 Container for sandwich ingredient  
D780523 Lunch bag  
D780531 Beverage holder  
D780513 Microwave oven  
D780507 Blender base  
D780538 Slicer  
D780525 Lunch bag with convertible handle  
D780524 Lunch bag  
D780512 Oven  
D780532 Beverage holder  
D780508 Barbeque utensil  
D780505 Food waste disposer  
D780506 Food processor  
D780533 Beverage holder  
D780540 Wine rack  
D780514 Roasting pan rack  
D780577 Lid  
D780537 Single disc meat tenderizer  
D780518 Beverage glass  
D780504 Oven toaster  
D780578 Lid  
D780510 Portable beverage brewing machine  
D780522 Ice chest tray  
D780535 Grater  
D780503 Oven  
D780527 Adjustable beverage insulator  
D780528 Portable adjustable beverage insulator  
D780511 Microwave oven  
D780526 Vacuum bottle  
D780501 Mushroom barbecue smoker  
D780520 Bowl