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D781639 Pan  
D781666 Small knife  
D781638 Microwave oven  
D781657 Water container  
D781656 Beverage glass  
D781651 Tumbler with straw  
D781652 Tumbler with straw  
D781703 Cup lid  
D781653 Tumbler with straw  
D781635 Oven  
D781646 Two-stage water filtration  
D781660 Holder for cup-shaped capsule  
D781636 Oven  
D781668 Ice cream scoop  
D781644 Beverageware base  
D781633 Beverage dispenser  
D781667 Tiki nutcracker  
D781650 Stirrer  
D781670 Organizer for measuring cup and measuring spoon  
D781658 Multipurpose stemware holder tray  
D781669 Peeler blade  
D781643 Stemware base  
D781645 In-bottle wine aerator  
D781659 Food and beverage plate  
D781655 Beverage drinking vessel  
D781654 Sport bottle  
D781647 Cooker carrier  
D781661 Vehicle-shaped cooler  
D781649 Blade cover  
D781671 Bottle organizer  
D781664 Utensil holder  
D781665 Holder  
D781632 Machine for preparing drinks  
D781641 Appliance handle  
D781663 Coaster  
D781634 Oven  
D781642 Appliance handle  
D781097 Oven  
D781098 Blender  
D781113 Bottle sleeve  
D781104 Shaker cup  
D781094 Coffee maker  
D781099 Band for decorative glassware  
D781356 Finned tube  
D781101 Baby food feeder  
D781105 Beer bong  
D781114 Salad tongs  
D781109 Dipping container for buffalo wings  
D781111 Rack system for wine bottles  
D781107 Water container