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D789729 Gas oven  
D786006 Gas oven range  
D786005 Gas oven range  
D785398 Gas oven range  
D780503 Oven  
D742162 Single delivery chute baking machine  
D734088 Ovens  
D726493 Oven  
D726492 Oven  
D724887 Oven  
D724888 Gas range oven  
D704981 Glass door smoker  
D704982 Double glass door smoker  
D702481 Double door smoker  
D702480 Smoker  
D637373 Food pan carrier  
D568089 Combination steamer  
D548515 Kitchen  
D516856 Multifunction countertop  
D476190 Roaster oven  
D445295 Device for drying fruits, vegetables and foods  
D442756 Portable food warmer  
D442016 Portable roaster  
D434593 Four-head gas fryer  
D433267 Four-head electric fryer  
D397911 Combined beverage and snack holder  
D380933 Barbecue grill  
D372631 Upright electric chicken barbecuer  
D370380 Barbeque grill  
D336007 Large capacity pressure cooker  
D335420 Deep fat fryer with a ventless hood  
5160829 Electric heat-convection stove with transparent housing  
An electric heat-convection stove, comprising an electric heat-convection control unit having four alloy posts respectively connected thereto at the four corners thereof for mounting three glass...
D305396 Combined food container and heating element  
4730100 Food cooking and heating apparatus  
A food cooking and heating cabinet including a food holding oven having at least one door for access to the interior thereof, an air heating chamber having an inlet and an outlet, an air heating...
D283589 Food product assembly table  
D263305 Pressure cooker  
D253348 Steam self contained kettle  
D251549 Buffet serving cart  
4070958 Meat smoking and merchandise display case  
A meat smoking and merchandise display case comprising an outer casing, a vertically extending and rotatably driven cylinder mounted in said outer casing and to which food products are adapted to...
D245075 Display cart for food, particularly soft pretzels, and the like  
D188448 Title is not available  
D033930 Title is not available  
D162946 Title is not available  
D236911 Title is not available  
D215249 Title is not available  
D160882 Title is not available  
D185193 Title is not available  
D189111 Title is not available  
D166096 Title is not available  
D204112 Title is not available  
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