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D789717 Portable mounting shelf  
D790127 Holder for vaporizers  
D789704 Combination hand sanitizer and advertising display  
D789715 Locker door  
D789716 Locker door  
D789708 Mat  
D789706 Wall mounted key holder  
D789711 Collaborative workspace  
D789724 Set of supports  
D789712 Storage container shelf  
D789718 Plastic shelf liner for merchandising display cases  
D789719 End cap for furniture fitting  
D789703 Raised platform  
D789702 Bed frame  
D789721 Table  
D789714 Merchandiser  
D789709 Massage pillow  
D789713 Side table  
D789117 Multi-textured reversible bedding device  
D789110 Platform for plants  
D789122 Sample holder  
D789102 Salon dryer chair  
D789130 Chair  
D789118 Cushion  
D789131 Beverage tap  
D789103 Furniture  
D789124 Table  
D789126 Display shelf  
D789105 Ergonomic chair  
D789101 Lounge chair  
D789113 Compact dispenser for chemicals and other concentrated liquids  
D789116 Sample deck for selecting a covering for an architectural opening  
D789121 Display unit  
D789123 Display stand  
D789125 Hair stylist work station  
D789120 Shelf unit  
D789454 Trading card display frame  
D789107 Step stool  
D789099 Display stand  
D789109 Vehicle seat  
D789127 Table top  
D789119 Dresser with mirror  
D789115 Over door storage hanger  
D789098 Curved picture frame moulding  
D789106 Infant positioner  
D789112 Shower caddy  
D789111 Adaptor  
D789100 Display stand  
D789104 Furniture  
D789114 Sports gear organizer