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D779242 Wristwatch display stand  
D779628 Gas caddy  
D779236 Mattress  
D779237 Privacy screen assembly  
D779251 Lumbar support for a chair  
D779219 Seating  
D779254 Armrests for a chair  
D779231 Holder  
D779225 Bed  
D779239 Mobile workstation  
D779244 Table  
D779252 Back support for a chair  
D779253 Back support for a chair  
D778646 Console  
D778629 Chair  
D778652 Pivotal conference room table  
D778632 Chair pad  
D778645 End table  
D778653 Table top  
D778638 Combined fitted and top sheet  
D778660 Chair back frame  
D778639 Mattress  
D778654 Chair base  
D778643 Display case  
D778627 Child safety seat  
D778628 Standing assistant  
D778648 Display shelf  
D778650 Magnetic drawer divider piece  
D779074 Armrest for medical examination table  
D778635 Holder  
D778649 Magnetic drawer divider piece  
D778732 Wipe container  
D778630 Chair  
D778631 Chair  
D778644 Table  
D778642 Pan rack  
D778910 Display device  
D778641 Shelving  
D778655 Ball chair base  
D778657 Seat  
D778656 Collapsible chair with a central hub of crossed poles  
D778637 Pillow case  
D778625 Non-slip hanger  
D778659 Mesh gap chair slats  
D778636 Mat  
D778651 Magnetic drawer divider piece  
D778633 Seat frame  
D778658 Sculpted chair arm set  
D778626 Modular office partition  
D778640 Display fixture