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D779855 Seat marker  
D779834 Magnetic frame  
D779835 Vanity mirror  
D779839 Slimline hanger  
D779867 Vehicle seat  
D779849 Lounge chair  
D779852 Stainless steel sauce and souffle cup holder  
D779869 Lacrosse racket head chair  
D779863 Table  
D779865 Expandable drawer divider  
D779836 Vanity mirror with bluetooth speakerphone  
D779861 Side table  
D779853 Clothing hanger  
D779850 Lounge chair  
D779844 Stool  
D779856 Set of sleeping pillows  
D779837 Push knob  
D779868 Heavy duty steel bed frame  
D779866 Task chair  
D779842 Adjustable infant highchair  
D779859 Selection display for merchandising  
D779860 Foldable table  
D779228 Tissue dispenser  
D779246 Table base  
D779224 Chair  
D779227 Dog waste bag dispenser  
D779235 Pillow  
D779247 Chair lift accessory  
D779238 Desk  
D779230 Towel hanger  
D779249 Back rest with lumbar support  
D779240 Display structure  
D779248 Armrests for a chair  
D779243 Portable table  
D779233 Shaving razor storage tray with lid  
D779217 Vanity mirror  
D779232 Holder  
D779218 Unique car seat with a carve-in space on lumbar section  
D779220 Chair  
D779255 Headrest for a chair  
D779234 Covering for an architectural opening  
D779256 Adjustment handle  
D779221 Stacking chair  
D779229 Soap dish  
D779245 Furniture base  
D779241 Hanger  
D779223 Chair  
D779222 Stacking chair  
D779226 Tufted clothing hanger  
D779250 Portion of a back support for a chair