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D782851 Seat cushion  
D782861 Grid spring assembly  
D782221 Mattress  
D782233 Divider  
D782216 Chair with crisscross straps on both seat and back  
D782229 End table  
D782225 Media receptacle  
D782220 Pillow  
D782215 Portable seating apparatus  
D782238 Chair back frame  
D782234 Cabinet with charging drawer  
D782218 Seat  
D782241 Back support for a chair  
D782219 Bassinet  
D782227 Display stand  
D782213 Lounge chair  
D782237 Postural system  
D782211 Container for a photographic collection  
D782230 Convertible table  
D782240 Chair  
D782222 Food preparation environment  
D782223 Food preparation environment  
D782210 Bracket for digital photo frame  
D782228 Swivel table  
D782217 Chair with crisscross straps on seat, and artistic back and side panels  
D782226 Display stand  
D782214 Chair with tray  
D782232 Lectern  
D782236 Leg for a chair  
D782224 Food preparation environment  
D782231 Counter  
D782239 Chair back frame  
D782235 Flexible stand  
D782361 Three tier planter  
D782212 Stork picture frame  
D781612 Media stand  
D781627 Ring for furniture embedded cavity  
D781618 Desk  
D781622 Display unit  
D781630 Table  
D781609 Seating furniture  
D781617 Desk  
D781621 Display rack  
D781619 Desk  
D781608 Seating furniture  
D781616 Air cushion  
D781604 Chair  
D781670 Organizer for measuring cup and measuring spoon  
D781626 Office table top  
D781611 Chair