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D327788 Floor-mounted display for displaying retail merchandise with top shelf  
D327381 Storage shelving unit  
D326971 Table  
D326970 Shelving unit for displaying retail merchandise  
D326786 Stand for video equipment  
D326200 Rack for electronic equipment  
D325680 Rack for boxes  
D325138 Modular display shelf  
D324325 Spice tier  
D324143 Computer stand  
D323946 Shelving unit  
D323252 Foldable tea cart  
D323262 Product display unit with mirrored side panels  
D321615 Display stand  
D320901 Shelf unit  
D320130 Shelf unit  
D319934 Mobile merchandise display rack  
D319356 Flower stand or similar article  
D318591 Display rack  
D318585 Shelf unit  
D318584 Video cart  
D316643 Display rack  
D314877 Bookcase  
D314296 Portable beverage display unit  
D314102 Furniture support unit  
D313134 Book shelf or similar article  
D312717 TV/VCR stand  
D312364 Shelf unit  
D312009 Teacart  
D311289 Display rack  
D307840 Etagere  
D306380 Book display module  
D304981 Tie display rack  
4886171 Display stand convertible to gravity feed  
A display stand having four corner posts, horizontal front, rear and side support rails disposed in a common plane and interconnected at their ends to the corner posts to form a pattern of...
D304534 Wire dispenser rack  
D303880 Combined display and dispenser rack  
D303596 Shelf unit  
D301952 Canopy shelf unit  
D301652 Utility cart  
D301651 Mobile cabinet  
D301421 Four-sided bookshelf  
D300488 Storage rack  
D300491 Modular mobile storage unit  
D300395 Display stand  
D300288 Cartridge storage rack  
4801024 Stackable shelving system  
A bulk packaging and display system for holding, storing, transporting, displaying and merchandising product containers in a pre-stacked arrangement thereon comprising a base member having means...
D298893 Videoendoscopic support stand  
D298705 Plant stand  
D297988 Shelf unit for supporting electrical equipment  
D297085 Shelf unit