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D364055 Shelf system  
D363841 Shelving assembly  
D363623 Display stand  
D363174 Storing and dispensing apparatus  
D363178 Earthquake resistant container  
D362137 Display case  
D361453 Display stand  
D361419 Video cart  
D361228 Printer stand  
D360784 Bookcase  
D360887 Speaker stand  
D355798 Stackable industrial shelving  
D355314 Three quadrant rotary storage unit  
D354186 Tea cart  
D352619 Product display pallet  
D350659 Audio component stand  
D350246 Display system for selecting hair dye shades  
D348998 Entertainment center  
D347754 Self standing shelving unit  
D347340 Bookcase  
D347131 Bookcase  
D344648 Hutch  
D343536 Bookcase  
D342846 Sidekick display device  
D341504 Store display stand  
D340597 Wrestling figurine display unit  
D339480 Rack for supporting and dispensing coiled wire  
D338788 Rotation storage shelving  
D337219 Multi-media storage and display unit  
D336725 Audio-visual cabinet  
D335978 Cleaning supplies holder  
D335051 TV and VCR stand  
D335052 Merchandise display stand  
D333931 Combined shipping box and display stand for shirts  
D333744 Rotatable tray  
D332972 Graphics display support stand  
D332709 Display rack  
D332359 Table  
D332015 Display stand  
D331160 Shelving unit for retail merchandise  
D330819 Storage shelf unit  
D330812 Plant stand  
D330652 Knock down shelving unit  
D330472 Hanger bag display stand  
D330128 Pantry shelf  
D330121 Merchandise dispensing shelf  
D329556 Stand for stacking slidable trays  
D329155 Shelving unit  
D328830 Merchandise display stand  
D328825 Retail merchandise display fixture