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D545506 Fish tank stand  
D543729 Shelf unit for audio/video components  
D543056 Shelf for television set  
D543057 Shelving with numbered orifices for simplified erection  
D541558 Computer system cart  
D541083 Shelving unit  
D537655 Display device  
D537658 Television stand  
D531428 Entertainment center  
D530940 Eye wear display case  
D530118 Media access center  
D528327 Four open sided shelving with a depressed top  
D527549 Cigarette stand  
D527208 Audio video shelving unit  
D527210 Table  
D522277 Two closed shelving with an overhanging top  
D522278 Four open sided shelving with an overhanging top  
D521275 Merchandising display  
D520779 Furniture  
D518979 Concave shelving  
D518665 Stilt and box shelving unit  
D517351 Shelf  
D515847 Cube unit  
D512585 Etagere  
D512283 Modular wine rack  
D512246 Food preparation table  
D508801 Television stand  
D499583 Metal shelf  
D499281 Multiple-shelf assembly  
D498618 Shelf structure  
D497273 Spacesaver shelves  
D497063 Stackable shelving system  
D497232 Cart having wheels  
D496809 Adjustable shelving system  
D496544 Dual shelving unit  
D496545 Stand having shelves and a tubular frame  
D496546 Perforated tray stackable shelves  
D495901 Shelving unit  
D495902 Desk side table  
D495533 Audio/video stand with pivotable support frame  
D495529 Mini-basket stand  
D494780 Tower cabinet  
D493305 Shelf cabinet  
D493047 Perforated tray stackable shelves with sidewalls  
D493048 Solid tray stackable shelves  
D492862 Merchandising system  
D491003 Solid tray stackable shelves with sidewalls  
D489548 Television stand  
D488003 Shoe rack  
D487605 Service table