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D259604 Modular cabinet box  
4271766 Collapsible display shelf  
A collapsible display fixture, in the nature of a shelf for displaying merchandise, the display shelf being fabricated from corrugated cardboard sheet and presenting a back wall and a pair of...
D259317 Modular shelving  
D258791 Shelf unit for storing electrical equipment  
D258177 Bar  
D258206 Rotatable plant container unit  
D255630 Open cabinet or the like  
D255194 Shelf unit  
D254887 Modular storage unit having pull-out shelves or similar article  
4193351 Display rack assembly  
A knock-down display rack for displaying articles, such as bottles or the like, at the point of purchase and which includes a vertical support member extending from a base and also includes a...
4182244 Modular display device  
A display device of modular construction which preferably is formed of heavy duty paperboard includes a plurality of shelf units (1, 2 and 3) which are adapted for stacking one atop the other and...
D253741 Etagere  
D252122 Wine display rack  
D251947 Adjustable shelf  
4127072 Modular shelf  
The present invention comprises a plurality of horizontal components and a plurality of vertical components which may be interlocked together to provide shelving. The horizontal components have...
D249618 Shelf unit  
4112853 Shelving apparatus  
A shelving apparatus having a plurality of joint connectors to which is fastened a plurality of stringers is disclosed herein. Each of the joint connectors has a cubical center box from which a...
4103782 Display units  
2 inch × 8 inch flake boards form side panels which stand upright on the floor. A plurality of display trays are stacked one upon the other between the panels. The panels have retaining grooves on...
4099472 Free standing shelving system  
A free standing shelving system including a plurality of shelves and a plurality of spindles for supporting the shelves, some of the shelves being arranged in endwise adjacent relation whereby the...
4099806 Combined opthalmic lens pattern rack and dispenser  
A combined opthalmic lens pattern rack and dispenser having a shelved housing and a plurality of pattern receiving compartments on each shelf. The compartments are open at each end so as to be...
D247762 Shelf unit or similar article  
4063518 Shelf structure for a display rack  
A novel shelf structure for a display rack. The shelf structure is movable in its support plane between an extended position and a retracted position to vary the shelf area exposed for merchandise...
D245744 Bookshelf unit  
D245407 Plant growth apparatus  
D244983 Support stand primarily for phonograph records and stereo components  
D244924 Storage cart for athletic equipment  
D244913 Mobile kitchen table  
D244819 Greenhouse potting bench  
D244116 Etagere  
D244077 Shelf unit or similar article  
D243027 Aquarium stand  
D242754 Display stand  
3986756 Storage bin and display assembly for rolls of decorative paper and the like  
A combined storage bin and display assembly for rolls of decorative paper, such as wallpaper, wherein a plurality of parallel upstanding partitions are arranged along an essentially straight-line...
3977742 Assemblable structure for shelves and the like  
An assemblable multi-component structure for libraries and the like which comprises a plurality of panels connected to one another by connecting ribs. Protrusions in said ribs fit forcedly into...
3910205 Knock down cart construction  
A knock down two-part shelf construction for carts with outer ends of the shelf overhanging the main frame to provide unobstructed shelf space for high standing objects, and means to interconnect...
3908566 Modular shelving system for food service storage  
A modular shelving system comprising a plurality of modular shelf units, each shelf unit comprising a planar rear surface adapted for mounting to a vertically disposed support surface; upper and...
3896743 Assembly device for elements constituting furniture and furniture comprising such devices  
An assembly device for assembling the constituents of a piece of furniture. It comprises a first element over at least a portion of which is provided a groove whose cross-section is at least...
3850290 DISPLAY BIN  
A self-supporting display bin includes a clear rigid sheet of plastic material which is assembled into a particular form to hold product mainly for retail self-service sales. The shape of the bin...
A plant growth apparatus in which plants are supported on shelves and exposed to a predetermined level of illumination by a bank of fluorescent tubes. To provide an aesthetically pleasing...
A collapsible etagere which, when erected, is constituted by a tier of open shelves. The frame of the etagere comprises a pair of spaced vertical poles which are bridged by a series of structural...
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D188268 Title is not available  
D236777 Title is not available  
D039491 Title is not available  
D240584 Title is not available  
D225814 Title is not available  
D212694 Title is not available  
D242008 Title is not available  
D076640 Title is not available  
D225815 Title is not available