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D295705 Combined shelf and storage unit  
D295478 Reconfigurable shelf unit  
4739887 Remote control organizer rack  
A rack is specially designed for holding stereo and television remote control devices. The rack includes horizontally adjustable shelves and may further include either a fixed or swivel base. The...
4735321 Mobile extra display module  
A mobile extra display module for storing, transporting, and displaying a quantity of containers, includes a plastic pallet base and a plurality of alternating layers of tier sheets and...
D294090 Merchandising display unit  
D293528 Shelf unit  
D292355 Display stand  
D291038 Shelf unit  
D290204 Display case  
4660902 Locking device  
A locking device for securing the doors of a cabinet or the like of the type having a pair of doors mounted for hinged movement about spaced, substantially perpendicular axes, the device providing...
D288996 Pivotable etagere  
D287199 Shelf unit  
D285991 Modular record storage unit  
D283472 Shoe rack  
4579401 Collapsible cabinet  
A cabinet which is collapsible from an erect condition to a collapsed condition includes a base panel to which are hinged first and second side panels and a front panel extending perpendicular to...
4573589 Reel stabilizer and ejection device  
A reel stabilizer and ejection device for use on a magnetic tape reel storage rack. The device comprises a unitary elongate resilient member having a body portion extending downwardly from the...
D281556 Mobile cabinet for video game and accessories  
D279946 Merchandise display rack  
4531645 Portable storage console  
The present invention relates to an improved portable storage console for holding a plurality of a variety of articles. The console includes a base. A cabinet is rotatably secured to the base for...
D279632 Table  
D276429 Combined printed circuit board carrier and component tray  
D276110 Collapsible modular winebin unit  
D275626 Suspendable bottle rack  
D275057 Storage unit  
D275044 Utility cart  
D274964 Endoscopic instrument cabinet  
4463684 Horizontal shelf unit for handling papers  
A shelf unit includes a U-shaped frame having a pair of spaced legs connected by a bight. The frame comprises first and second L-shaped members, having cooperable coupling structures provided at...
D274489 Combined storage and display cabinet for fasteners  
D273726 Baby bathtub stand  
D273353 Shelf unit  
D273337 Document cart  
D273066 Table or similar article  
4433880 Free standing modular unit for storing, displaying, and selling merchandise  
A free standing modular unit for storing, displaying, and selling merchandise is shown in the preferred embodiment including standarized parts which can be assembled and disassembled without the...
D271646 Etagere  
D271550 Modular wine rack  
D270881 Diplay unit  
D270412 Carpet showcase  
4391378 Shelving console furniture  
Multi-shelf console furniture constructed having a pair of side frame support standards each being formed from a pair of laterally spaced wire frame members interconnected by a multiplicity of...
D269312 Article display rack  
4382640 Portable storage shelf unit  
A storage device having a plurality of shelves which is portable and removably supportable on a wall mount. The top wall of the device is provided, at its juncture with each sidewall, with a...
D268538 Copier stand  
D265618 Bookcase  
D265371 Etagere or the like  
D265034 Cabinet for storing pizza skins or the like  
D264411 Table  
D263666 Etagere or the like  
D263360 Storage shelter  
D260211 Bookcase  
D259907 Etagere  
D259687 Combined cosmetic display and storage unit