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D711664 Paper towel holder  
D704473 Kitchen roll holder  
D702966 Decorative paper towel holder  
D699046 Paper towel holder  
D698571 Tissue roll holder  
D697333 Paper towel holder  
D672590 Paper towel holder  
D670115 Spray bottle and towel holder  
D667663 Paper towel holder  
D667662 Paper towel holder  
D666037 Towel rack  
D660629 Paper towel holder  
D653889 Paper towel holder  
D635806 Paper roll holder  
D631271 Paper towel holder  
D628836 Paper towel holder  
D628838 Paper towel holder  
D628837 Paper towel holder  
D626771 Paper dispenser  
D610382 Bamboo paper towel holder  
D609949 Paper towel holder  
D596433 Paper towel holder  
D576825 Paper roll product holder  
D570143 Bathroom tissue roll storage apparatus  
D563130 Paper towel holder  
D562042 Induction type paper dispenser  
D555954 Flip top paper towel holder  
D555953 Paper towel holder  
D550488 Rolled product dispenser  
D548503 Transparent paper towel dispenser  
7232090 Spinning paper towel holder  
The invention is a spinning roll dispenser product for dispensing items from a roll, for example a roll of paper towels. The product holds the roll on a spindle and spins around a spindle axis as...
D528836 Toilet rolls holder  
D526521 Finial  
D525466 Container  
D523673 Decorative lighthouse paper roll holder  
D523269 Decorative watering can paper roll holder  
D523271 Decorative snowman paper roll holder  
D523270 Decorative rabbit paper roll holder  
D521783 Decorative camp lantern paper roll holder  
D521788 Decorative wishing well paper roll holder  
D521785 Decorative bear paper roll holder  
D521786 Decorative owl paper roll holder  
D521784 Decorative penguin paper roll holder  
D521787 Decorative wagon paper roll holder  
D521287 Towel holder with suction device  
D520785 Paper towel holder  
D520278 Paper towel holder  
D519765 Kitchen paper towel holder  
D518985 Wall mount paper towel holder  
D517846 Portable paper towel holder  
Matches 1 - 50 out of 139 1 2 3 >