Match Document Document Title
D663126 Portion of a vacuum cleaner  
D662716 Sheet material  
D662748 Prayer carpet  
D662328 Paper towel  
D662327 Paper towel  
D662325 Sheet with pattern  
D662326 Fibrous material sheet with patterned surface  
D661908 Film sheet for use in antiballistic articles  
D661909 Sheet with cross-stitch embroidery pattern  
D661493 Patterned textile fabric  
D661793 Flexible support sheet for a heating element  
D661495 Sheet with pattern  
D661494 Paper product  
D661496 Sheet with pattern  
D661794 Flexible support sheet for a heating element  
D661492 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D661108 Conductive sheet  
D661102 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D661103 Cloth with pattern  
D661106 Conductive sheet  
D661105 Floor tile  
D661107 Conductive sheet  
D661104 Knitted fabric  
D660601 Fabric  
D660011 Embossed paper product  
D660009 Embossed paper product  
D660013 Paper product  
D660007 Fabric  
D660014 Fabric  
D660012 Embossed paper product  
D660010 Embossed paper product  
D660008 Leather sheet  
D659409 Laminate panel  
D659406 Textile with camouflage pattern  
D659403 Fabric for drying mat  
D659408 Laminate panel  
D659407 Closure tape for disposable absorbent article  
D659405 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D659404 Laminate panel  
D658896 Synthetic resin paper  
D658897 Flat graphic applique of a control for the interior of a vehicle  
D658391 Paper product  
D658757 Absorbent article material with surface indicia  
D658390 Paper product  
D658756 Absorbent article material with surface indicia  
D657961 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D657959 Floor tile  
D657960 Synthetic resin paper  
D657958 Housewrap material  
D657893 Tile