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D675450 Absorbent paper  
D675030 Flooring sheet  
D675029 Lace fabric  
D675027 Paper product  
D675028 Lace fabric  
D674613 Applique  
D674612 Embossed tissue sheet  
D674198 Paper product  
D673779 Metal sheet material  
D673778 Sheet  
D673780 Paper tissue sheet  
D673377 Web material sheet  
D673375 Cloth with pattern  
D673376 Synthetic resin paper  
D673374 Substrate with a predator skull camouflage pattern  
D672963 Wipe substrate  
D672964 Wipe substrate  
D672966 Wipe substrate  
D672970 Textile fabric  
D672971 Synthetic resin paper  
D672969 Textile fabric  
D672965 Wipe substrate  
D672968 Film sheet for use in antiballistic articles  
D672967 Wipe substrate  
D672563 Paper product  
D672564 Wipe substrate  
D672151 Paper product  
D672181 Drying mat  
D672155 Film sheet for use in antiballistic articles  
D672234 Product package for disposable diapers or wipes  
D672158 Elastomeric barbwire cordage  
D672157 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D672154 Wipe with pattern  
D672180 Drying mat  
D672152 Fibrous material sheet with patterned surface  
D672156 Textile fabric  
D672153 Synthetic resin paper  
D671752 Resin wicker  
D671753 Resin wicker  
D671754 Wipe with pattern for embossing  
D671750 Lace fabric  
D671751 Lace fabric  
D671328 Multi-tier cloth  
D671329 Tissue  
D670917 Heat reflective lining material  
D670916 Mesh-chair cloth  
D670918 Removable brand label for a garment  
D670085 Substrate with camouflage pattern  
D670084 Fabric  
D669666 Inner cuff of footwear