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D750894 Tongue cleaner  
D750384 Brush handle  
D750380 Snow brush  
D750379 Tongue cleaner for a toothbrush  
D750383 Makeup brush  
D750382 Mascara brush head  
D750378 Toothbrush  
D750381 Vertical paint roller  
D749858 Cosmetic brush  
D749857 Whale nailbrush  
D749854 Toothbrush  
D749859 Cosmetic brush  
D749853 Electronic toothbrush  
D749856 Combined hair brush and case  
D749855 Oral care implement  
D749852 Electric toothbrush  
D749851 Panel display for toothbrush handle  
D749324 Handle of electronic toothbrush  
D749325 Sonic scrubber  
D749327 Cosmetic brush  
D749326 Foldable brush  
D748398 Travel cap  
D748397 Finger brush  
D748399 Grill brush  
D747881 Toothbrush  
D747880 Interdental brush handle  
D747883 Floss-dispensing toothbrush device  
D747882 Toothbrush  
D747884 Pool wall brush  
D747609 Brush head in color  
D747106 Brush for mascara  
D747105 Oral care implement accessory  
D746596 Grill brush  
D746062 Scalp brush  
D745782 Toothbrush  
D745284 Eye cleaning implement  
D745283 Combined baby toothbrush and teether  
D744757 Automotive cleaning brush  
D744755 Powered brush handle with brush, charger, and cap  
D744756 Interdental cleaning tool  
D744760 Brush handle  
D744759 Roller cover adaptor  
D744753 Powered brush handle  
D744758 Combination eyebrow brush, comb, and tweezer  
D744754 Powered brush handle with brush  
D744241 Glue brush head  
D744243 Brush handle  
D744242 Brush handle  
D743700 Toothbrush head  
D743702 Brush handle