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D760498 Facial cleansing apparatus  
D760500 Grooming device  
D759978 Handle for a scrub brush  
D759977 Toothpaste-dispensing toothbrush  
D760460 Snow brush and ice scraper  
D759380 Brush head in color  
D759383 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D759381 Electric toothbrush  
D759382 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D759384 Brush  
D758742 Brush handle  
D758738 Cosmetic applicator  
D758737 Nail polish bottle  
D758741 Lint and fuzz remover  
D758743 Base for an electronic toothbrush  
D758740 Water removing hair brush  
D758739 Cosmetic applicator  
D758736 Electric toothbrush  
D758079 Electric toothbrush  
D758081 Toothbrush head  
D758080 Electric toothbrush  
D758082 Ergonomic paint roller frame  
D757445 Mascara brush  
D757443 Cosmetic brush  
D757446 Pool skimmer brush attachment  
D757444 Mascara brush  
D757439 Electric toothbrush handle  
D757442 Palm makeup brush  
D757441 Cosmetic brush head  
D757447 Cosmetics brush  
D757448 Paint brush handle  
D757440 Interdental brush  
D756660 Grill brush  
D756662 Paint brush handle  
D756663 Travel handle for a lint brush  
D756664 Toothbrush caddy  
D756658 3-sided fingerbrush for cleansing multiple teeth surfaces  
D756661 Cosmetic brush  
D756659 Bamboo toothbrush handle  
D756128 Detail brush  
D756123 Combined toothbrush handle and cover  
D756126 Lint roller cover  
D756121 Dental cleaning head  
D756131 Offset handle for a lint brush  
D756125 Toothpick brush  
D756130 Straight handle for a lint brush  
D756133 T-handle for a lint brush  
D756124 Combined toothbrush handle and cover  
D756122 Oral irrigator tip  
D756132 Handle for a fur erase lint brush