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D765422 Lint remover  
D765417 Oral care implement  
D765415 Electric toothbrush  
D765419 Lint roller  
D765418 Two-in-one brush  
D765420 Hair brush  
D765416 Nozzle for toothcleaning apparatus  
D765421 Cosmetics brush  
D764806 Brush for shaver  
D764804 Oral care implement  
D764807 Cosmetic brush  
D764808 Hair brush  
D764805 Toothbrush  
D764176 Oral care implement  
D764175 Toothbrush  
D764173 Handheld motorized facial brush having pivoting, floating head with charging stand  
D764180 Set of bristles for a hairbrush  
D764177 Oral care implement  
D764172 Sonic face brush  
D764178 Grill cleaning head  
D764179 Skin care brush  
D764174 Toothbrush  
D764733 Broom block  
D763579 Hair brush  
D764061 Oral hygiene device  
D763581 Grill brush  
D763578 Interdental cleaning tool  
D763577 Toothbrush  
D763580 Water removing hair brush  
D764131 Broom head  
D762991 Toothbrush holder  
D763081 Device for incorporating an active laundry ingredient into a fabric  
D763080 Device for incorporating an active laundry ingredient into a fabric  
D762990 Brush handle  
D762987 Toothbrush  
D762988 Cosmetic brush  
D762989 Cleaning brush  
D762986 Toothbrush  
D762391 Toothbrush  
D762393 Mascara brush  
D762390 Folding toothbrush head and handle unit  
D762392 Laid back brush  
D762070 Brush ferrule  
D762069 Hair brush  
D762316 Attachable light for a paintbrush  
D761568 Toilet brush  
D761567 Electric toothbrush  
D761025 Toothbrush  
D761026 Core of a mascara brush  
D760499 Toothbrush