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D770182 Finger cot  
D770183 Oral care implement  
D770184 Toothbrush  
D770242 Brush for a juice extractor  
D769626 Refill head for electric toothbrush  
D769627 Combined microphone-like hairbrush and stand  
D768996 Oral care implement  
D768998 Portion of a make-up brush  
D768995 Oral care implement  
D768999 Brush housing  
D768997 Dog mouth brush  
D768994 All in one toothbrush  
D768389 Spray brush  
D768390 Grout cleaning tool  
D768387 Powered brush handle  
D768386 Oral care implement  
D768391 Brush attachment for a beauty care device  
D767900 Interdental brush  
D767901 Wire brush  
D767896 Electric toothbrush  
D767899 Toothbrush head  
D767897 Powered brush handle  
D767898 Toothbrush  
D767902 Cleaning brush  
D767903 Cosmetic brush  
D767895 Electric toothbrush  
D767281 Bristle bearing surface of a toothbrush head  
D767283 Detangling brush  
D767282 Cleaning tool  
D766584 Brush head  
D766581 Electric toothbrush handle  
D766587 Cosmetic brush head  
D766590 Foam hair brush  
D766580 Electric toothbrush  
D766585 Grill brush  
D766583 Toothbrush  
D766589 Hair brush  
D766588 Hair styling brush  
D766586 Cosmetic brush head  
D766582 Toothbrush  
D765987 Oral care implement  
D765984 Toothbrush  
D765982 Handheld motorized facial brush having three floating heads  
D765990 Combined brush and cover  
D765985 Toothbrush  
D765986 Toothbrush  
D765983 Toothbrush  
D765989 Combined cow shaped brush and dish  
D765988 Interdental cleaning tool  
D765414 Handle for toothbrush