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D775469 Toothbrush head  
D775471 Laid back brush  
D775470 Oral care implement  
D774775 Toothbrush  
D774777 Brush  
D774780 Animal grooming brush  
D774778 Cosmetic applicator  
D774779 Cosmetic applicator  
D774773 Toothbrush head  
D774771 Portion of a brush head for electric toothbrush  
D774772 Toothbrush head  
D774774 Handheld motorized device for makeup removal  
D774776 Combined flower shaped brush and liquid soap dish  
D774312 Cosmetic applicator  
D774310 Applicator brush  
D774311 Paint brush and paint can opener combination  
D774309 Toothbrush  
D774308 Tongue cleaner  
D774313 Bristle for a hairbrush  
D773825 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D773827 Angled paint roller  
D773828 Toilet cleaning implement  
D773826 Brush  
D773824 Portion of a toothbrush  
D773822 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D773823 Facial cleansing device  
D773829 Coating applicator handle  
D773830 Coating applicator handle  
D773192 Powered toothbrush handle  
D772578 Dental brush-flosser  
D772579 Bottle with brush  
D772580 Toilet brush handle  
D771957 Collapsible brush  
D771955 Upright brush  
D771953 Head portion of an oral care implement  
D771951 Powered brush handle with brush, charger, and cap  
D771952 Toothbrush with a curved head  
D771956 Dosing brush for local application  
D771954 Coating applicator  
D771388 Toothbrush  
D771389 Cosmetic brush  
D771391 Cosmetic applicator  
D771393 T-handle handle for a lint brush  
D771392 Palm brush  
D771390 Combined toothbrush and case  
D770778 Brush  
D770779 Brush  
D770777 Brush  
D770185 Brush head with recessed convex bristles  
D770181 Powered brush handle with brush