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D778623 Cosmetic brush ferrule  
D778619 Cosmetic brush  
D778620 Cosmetic brush  
D778618 Cosmetic brush  
D778622 Grooming brush  
D778621 Cosmetic brush  
D778616 Toothbrush  
D778617 Cosmetic brush  
D778068 Brush handle  
D778063 Paint edger with a replaceable applicator  
D778057 Battery powered toothbrush with cylindrical brush  
D778064 Skin cleansing device  
D778060 Toothbrush with dental floss dispenser  
D778061 Toothbrush  
D778069 Dual ended kabuki brush  
D778056 Electric toothbrush  
D778065 Treatment brush head  
D778059 Tongue cleaner  
D778066 Treatment brush head  
D778067 Cosmetic brush  
D778062 Toothbrush  
D778058 Tongue cleaner  
D777447 Soap dispenser  
D777449 Back brush  
D777450 Animal grooming brush  
D777444 Tongue cleaner  
D777443 Interdental brush  
D777445 Tongue cleaner  
D777446 Oral care implement handle  
D777448 Brush  
D777442 Electrolytic brush  
D776937 Oral care implement  
D776936 Toothbrush head  
D776941 Brush handle  
D776935 Electrolytic brush  
D776940 Hairbrush  
D776939 Glue brush  
D776938 Roller cage for paint roller  
D776440 Cosmetic brush  
D776435 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D776439 Applicator  
D776438 Toothbrush  
D776437 Oral care implement  
D776436 Oral care implement  
D775838 Toothbrush  
D775837 Toothbrush  
D775840 Hair styling appliance  
D775836 Toothbrush head  
D775839 Hair brush handle  
D775835 Portion of brush head for electric toothbrush