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D675829 Electric cosmetics brush handle  
D675831 Oral care implement  
D675832 Brush for makeup  
D675448 Oral care implement  
D675447 Oral care implement  
D675449 Makeup brush  
D675025 Toothbrush handle  
D675024 Toothbrush  
D675026 Fur remover  
D674611 Lint remover with spiral motif  
D674608 Oral care implement accessory  
D674610 Interdental cleaner  
D674609 Toothbrush  
D674196 Molded mascara brush head with branched teeth  
D674195 Toothbrush  
D674197 Broom  
D673775 Oral care implement accessory  
D673776 Manual toothbrush  
D673777 Shaving brush  
D673373 Brush  
D673372 Grill brush  
D672931 Aquarium tool handle  
D672561 Handle portion of an oral care implement  
D672562 Handle for a hairbrush  
D672560 Oral care implement accessory  
D672150 Grout brush  
D672149 Portion of a toothbrush  
D671749 Three in one paint roller with flexible handle  
D672092 Sonic bath scrubber  
D671746 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D671747 Lint roller  
D671748 Wide surface lint roller  
D671327 Brush handle  
D671325 Toothbrush  
D671326 Toothbrush handle  
D670506 Toothbrush cover  
D670504 Toothbrush  
D670505 Toothbrush handle with tissue cleaner  
D670503 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D670082 Potato brush  
D670083 Hair brush  
D669688 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D669689 Toothbrush handle with tissue cleaner  
D669690 Hair brush bristle portion  
D669687 Toothbrush head  
D669274 Optical surface cleaning device  
D668877 Cosmetic applicator  
D668460 Toothbrush  
D668052 Overcap brush  
D668054 Hair brush