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D688873 Electric toothbrush with cap  
D688464 Electric toothbrush  
D688465 Hair detangler  
D688045 Power toothbrush head  
D688433 Retractable changeable brush assembly  
D688046 Combined toothbrush and teether  
D687636 Toothbrush head  
D687226 Electric toothbrush with cap  
D687227 Rotating toothbrush  
D687228 Toothbrush  
D687229 Portion of a toothbrush  
D686826 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D686825 Oral care implement  
D686416 Oral care implement  
D686417 Brush head  
8479346 Splatter-free grill cleaner  
A grill cleaning device has a handle, a scraper and a rotatable bristled cleaning wheel assembly. The handle has a handle end portion and a cleaning end portion. The scraper projects from the...
D685638 Cosmetic container  
D685192 Brush  
D685193 Brush  
D685191 Makeup brush  
D684776 Brush handle  
D684777 Handheld lint sweeper  
D684775 Container with brush and cap  
D684374 Sweeper housing assembly  
D684375 Brush  
D684372 Brush for cosmetic use  
D684373 Hair brush  
8464388 Multi-function brush for overdenture  
A multi-function brush for an overdenture includes a brush handle having a head end and a tail end. The head end has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface. The first...
D683968 Broom head  
D683966 Oral care implement  
D683967 Paint roller brush handle  
D683546 Paint roller brush handle  
D683544 Bottle brush  
D683547 Hair brush  
D683545 Lint roller cover  
D683138 Oral care implement  
D683139 Electric skin brush  
D682556 Mascara brush  
D682554 Head for a powered denture brush  
D682555 Lint roller cover  
D682497 Substrate cleaning brush  
D681958 Shaving brush  
D681955 Cosmetic applicator  
D681956 Shaving brush  
D682198 Base for a toothbrush  
D681959 Brush  
D681957 Shaving brush  
D681343 Paint brush handle  
D681341 Travel lint roller  
D681345 Wooden handle grill brush