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D694018 Bottle brush  
D694021 Brush with handle  
D694016 Food brush  
D694019 Ergonomic applicator  
D694020 Brush with handle  
D693581 Cleaning element for a toothbrush or the like  
D693932 Handheld facial massage device, detachable application brush and charging base therefor  
D693128 Bottle brush  
D693127 Oral care implement  
D693079 Push broom head  
D692671 Working end of a boot cleaning tool  
D692672 Cosmetic applicator  
D693078 Push broom  
D692243 Head of a cleaning device  
D692242 Oral care implement  
D691810 Combined toothpaste dispenser, brush and cap  
D691814 Brush for cosmetic use  
D691812 Brush  
D691811 Hockey stick brush  
D691813 Brush  
D691379 Twisted wire brush  
D691376 Oral care implement  
D691375 Electric toothbrush handle  
D691377 Disposable teeth cleaning system  
D691378 Screen cleaner  
D690942 Seal character oral hygiene device  
D690944 Lint roller  
D690943 Roaster cooling tray brush  
D690941 Toothbrush head  
D690945 Nipple brush  
D690517 Toothbrush  
D690518 Head portion of an oral care implement  
D690515 Oral care implement accessory  
D690516 Toothbrush  
D690116 Grill brush  
D690114 Toothbrush head  
D690115 Grill brush  
D690466 Comb handle  
D689697 Electric toothbrush with cap  
D689699 Oral care implement  
D689698 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D689700 Dish brush  
D689287 Toothbrush  
D689285 Toothbrush  
D689286 Toothbrush  
D688875 Cleaning element for a toothbrush or the like  
D688874 Electric toothbrush with cap  
D688877 Soap dispensing palm dish brush  
D688872 Electric toothbrush with cap  
D688876 Oral care implement