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D699037 Scrub brush  
D699412 Combined broom and dustpan  
D699040 Drop-shaped head for toilet brushware  
D699039 Square head for toilet brushware  
D698553 Short toothbrush  
D698555 Toothbrush  
D698554 Toothbrush  
D698556 Hair brush  
D698158 Oral care implement  
D698157 Manual toothbrush  
D698159 Bristled grooming glove  
D698156 Toothbrush handle  
D698155 Brush  
D697721 Oral care implement  
D697719 Oral care implement  
D697720 Toothbrush head and handle unit  
D697312 Lint roller cover  
D697317 Automotive cleaning brush  
D697315 Automotive cleaning brush  
D697311 Toothbrush head and handle unit  
D697316 Automotive cleaning brush  
D697313 Lint roller  
D697314 Brush  
D696866 Molded mascara brush head with curved tree-shaped teeth  
8621702 Tool for scratch tickets  
A tool with a handle (14) that can be used to removed film from printed matter. In addition, there is a small brush (16) used to cleaning film residue from printed matter. Further the toll will...
D696867 Molded mascara brush head with curved tree-shaped teeth  
D696868 Automotive tire cleaning brush  
D696518 Toothbrush  
D696517 Electric toothbrush  
D696520 Hair brush  
D696826 Screen cleaner  
D696519 Automotive cleaning brush  
D696026 Hair brush  
D696006 Thimble  
D696021 Oral brush head  
D696022 Toothbrush handle  
D696023 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D696025 Toothbrush  
D696027 Hair brush  
D696024 Electric toothbrush  
D696028 Hair brush  
D696020 Oral brush head  
D695018 Dual paint roller  
D695003 Thimble  
D695019 Grill brush  
D695020 Brush with handle  
D695004 Thimble  
8595885 Pet hair and human hair grooming brush with two sets of different bristles  
A multi-pin grooming brush having multi-sectioned bristles on the brush pad to provide a triple combing action. The brush has an outer layer of fixed pin tufts which encircle the exterior of the...
D694524 Toothbrush  
D694017 Fanciful bristle design for imitation makeup brush