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D706542 Cosmetic brush  
D706541 Toothbrush  
D706498 Handle for equine brush  
D706036 Oral care implement  
D706037 Head of a cleaning device  
D706033 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D706034 Toothbrush  
D706035 Toothbrush  
D705543 Hair brush  
D705545 Paint brush and handle with a curved surface  
D706002 Equine tool handle  
D705544 Brush  
D704446 Toothbrush  
D704448 Cleaning implement  
D704449 Snow brush handle  
D704451 Automotive cleaning brush  
D704447 Toothbrush  
D704905 Livestock comb handle  
D704450 Ergonomic applicator  
D703956 Hairbrush and cover combination  
D703955 Sliding interdental brush  
D703957 Bathing device with finger grip  
D703958 Automotive cleaning brush  
D703444 Cooking brush  
D703443 Oral care implement accessory  
D703825 Battery-operated massager and soap dispensing wand  
D702948 Cleaning brush  
D702949 Staining and sealing brush head and cap combination  
D702947 Electric toothbrush head  
D702946 Electric toothbrush  
D702046 Food brush with cover  
D701389 Twisted wire brush  
D701388 Power toothbrush  
D701008 Finger mitt  
D700784 Paint roller frame  
D700438 Grill brush  
D700436 Toothbrush head  
D700672 Combined golf club brush and ball marker  
D700439 Ergonomic applicator  
D700437 Toothbrush  
D699949 Grill brush  
D699950 Hairbrush  
D699948 Epoxy roller cam  
D699903 Comb apparatus  
D699444 Cleaning brush  
D699909 Cleaning tool  
D699445 Roaster cooling tray brush  
D699036 Tooth brush  
D699038 Round head for toilet brushware  
D699041 Cosmetic brush