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D632084 Toothbrush  
D632085 Toilet brush  
D632090 Toilet bowl cleaner stem  
D632088 Wire grill brush  
D632087 Palm curry brush  
D632089 Makeup applicator  
D631667 Bath brush  
D631664 Mascara brush  
D631668 Mascara brush  
D631666 Cosmetic brush  
D631663 Brush  
D631665 Mascara brush  
D631258 Brush holder  
D631257 Toothbrush  
D631256 Round head for vibrating paintbrush  
D631255 Handle for vibrating paintbrush  
D631259 Mini brush  
D630854 Pet toothbrush  
D630857 Utility scrub brush  
D630856 Roller frame  
D630855 Combination toothbrush and pill container  
D630438 Flexible brush  
D630437 Combined cosmetic applicator and dispenser  
D630436 Toothbrush  
D630439 Corner brush  
D630019 Toothbrush  
D630022 Broom block  
D630021 Brush  
D630020 Toothbrush  
D629614 Portion of a toothbrush  
D629617 Mascara brush  
D629616 Lint roller  
D629985 Wiper handle assembly  
D629615 Toothbrush head  
D629207 Mascara brush head  
7854034 Brush  
A brush includes a head section having a scrubbing area and a handle section coupled to and extending from the head section. The handle section includes a proximal segment, a distal segment coupled...
D629209 Hair brush  
D629206 Cleaning tool  
D629208 Mascara brush head  
D628806 Tooth brush  
D628811 Cosmetic brush  
D628808 Toothbrush  
D628812 Mascara brush head  
D628807 Toothbrush with floss dispenser and tongue cleaner  
D628810 Combined eyelash separator and mascara applicator  
D628809 Complete toothbrush which includes means for flossing  
D628389 Tissue cleaner  
D628393 Reverse tapered artist's paint brush  
D628392 Basting brush  
D628492 Cosmetic container