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D640874 Foot brush  
D640873 Lint brush  
D640872 Toothbrush  
D640470 Hair highlighter nozzle  
D640833 Dental floss holder having an interdental brush  
D640469 Toothbrush  
D640471 Duster  
D640059 Portion of a toothbrush  
D640060 Shoe polish applicator  
D639564 Brush for cosmetic use  
D639565 Brush for cosmetic use  
D639069 Toothbrush  
D639070 Double ferrule paint brush  
D639068 Brush head for cleaning apparatus  
D638628 Toothbrush with a scraper  
D638606 Dog chew  
D638223 Paint brush handle  
D638222 Lint roller  
D638221 Light and massage multi-therapy hairbrush  
D637817 Toothbrush  
D637819 Paint brush handle  
D637818 Hairbrush  
D637404 Foam paint brush head  
D637405 Storage handle of a hairstyling tool  
D637401 Toothbrush handle  
D637400 Toothbrush  
D637403 Lint roller handle  
D637402 Toothbrush  
D637006 Block brush body  
D637003 Toothbrush  
D637007 Broom Bracket  
D637005 Cosmetic applicator  
D637004 Applicator for cosmetics  
D637002 Electric tooth brush  
D636604 Electric toothbrush handle  
D636933 Skin treatment or cleansing device  
D636605 Self hanging utility handle  
D636185 Toothbrush feature  
D635775 Toothbrush handle  
D635774 Electric broom  
D635776 Lint roller cover  
D634935 Hair dye brush  
D634934 Toothbrush handle  
D634548 Molded mascara brush head  
D634549 Gooseneck paintbrush handle  
D634910 Dustpan and brush  
D634547 Electric toothbrush with accessories  
D634126 Combination brush and tape roller  
D634127 Cosmetic brush  
7904988 Self-supporting manual toothbrush  
A toothbrush with a bristled head and a handle that includes a pivotable stand. The stand is movable between a collapsed position where an interior surface of the stand is proximate an outer wall...