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D714065 Brush having head with multiple cleaning elements  
D713646 Brush  
8832899 Used oil wiping brush for toothed rack  
The present invention provides a used oil wiping brush for a toothed rack, which includes a handle and a wiper mounted on the handle. The wiper includes a coupling section and a wiping section...
D713152 Barbeque grill spray brush  
D713150 Motorized cleansing brush  
D713151 Head portion of an oral care implement  
D713153 Barbeque grill brush  
D712664 Broom  
D712157 Pipe painter handle  
8819886 Paint roller  
A paint roller, comprising: a handle; a roller head, having a bevel; and a neck. The bevel has a length that extends perpendicular to the circumference of the roller head. The neck connects the...
D712156 Plug for paint roller cover  
D712155 Toothbrush  
8819885 Paint roller  
A paint roller, comprising: a handle; a roller head; and a neck. The neck connects the handle to the roller, and the neck comprises: a first leg connected to the handle; a first bend connected to...
8813292 Electric toothbrush and brush head for an electric toothbrush  
A brush head for an electric toothbrush is disclosed. The brush head includes a bristle support having mounting means for the movable mounting of the bristle support and a plurality of bristle...
D711657 Handle for hairbrush  
D712100 Handle for equine tools  
D711656 Exfoliating brush head  
D711655 Oral care implement accessory  
D711110 Grill brush handle  
D710617 Brush with wave-shaped bristles  
8800093 Oral care implement  
An oral care implement having a handle and a head having a flexible support from which cleaning elements extend. In one aspect, the invention can be an oral care implement comprising: a handle; a...
D710615 Toothbrush handle  
D710616 Toothbrush  
D710113 Tonsil brush  
D710110 Combined toothbrush and case  
D710115 Paint brush  
D710114 Comb  
D710109 Toothbrush  
D710111 Toothbrush  
D710112 Detangling pet brush  
D710060 Cotton cleaning swab for animal ears  
D709705 Hair brush  
D709291 Hair brush  
D708856 Mascara brush  
D708854 Mascara brush  
D708855 Mascara brush  
D708857 Hair brush  
D708442 Mascara brush  
D708441 Toothbrush  
D708597 Paint brush and handle  
D708440 Handle for a skin cleansing device  
D708443 Mascara brush  
D707972 Cosmetic applicator tip  
8763195 Cleaning tool for personal care applicator  
A tool for cleaning a personal care applicator, particularly an applicator for a product that is subject to dry out. In some embodiments, the invention is implemented as a reusable cleaning tool....
D707973 Cosmetic applicator tip  
8763193 Interlocking brushes  
A first brush has an elongated handle, a brush head having downwardly facing bristles and a cavity opened to the top of the brush head. A second brush includes a closed loop handle, a brush head...
D707451 Cross-shaped brush  
D707044 Brush  
D707043 Brush  
D707411 Device for painting or cleaning behind a toilet tank