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D654695 Toothbrush  
D654700 Brush head  
D654696 Toothbrush handle with tissue cleaner  
D654697 Hair/lint roller  
D654698 Hair/lint roller  
D654699 Portable hair/lint roller  
D654270 Toothbrush handle  
8117707 Pool cage beam brush  
A brush device can be releasably attached to a distal end of a pool broom and has a plurality of strategically placed brushes which brushingly engage the surfaces of the beams of a pool cage to...
D654627 Back scratcher  
D654272 Grill brush  
D654271 Combined toothbrush and toothpick with detachable disposable bristle head  
D653454 Toothbrush  
D653456 Hairbrush  
D653455 Scrubber sandal  
D653037 Shielded BBQ brush  
D653035 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D653036 Toothbrush  
D653038 Hair brush  
D652629 Tri-mode grill brush  
D652626 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D652628 Brush for cosmetic use  
D652627 Toothbrush  
D652218 Combined ice scraper and brush  
D652217 Toothbrush  
D652219 Hair brush  
D651806 Toothbrush  
D651807 Toothbrush  
D651808 Combination toothbrush, floss dispenser and tongue scraper  
D651805 Electric toothbrush  
D651407 Toothbrush  
D651408 Glove for airbrush cleaning  
D651409 Paint brush  
D651406 Toothbrush handle  
D650992 Lobed cosmetic applicator  
D650590 Fryer brush  
D649787 Electric toothbrush  
D649358 Powered paint applicator handle  
D648941 Toothbrush with fluid jet assembly  
D648853 Dental device  
D648539 UV-C toothbrush  
D648540 Hair brush  
D648134 Toothbrush  
D647703 Bottle brush  
D647702 Oral care implement  
D647307 Toothbrush  
D647306 Oral care implement  
8042216 Ergonomic brush  
In one embodiment, an ergonomic brush includes a handle grip with finger slots situated between thumb slots and a palm rest extending rearwardly from the finger slots. A bristle base may be...
D647308 Flow-through brush head  
D646897 Toothbrush cover  
D646898 Multi-surface cleaner