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D625473 Grooming tool handle  
D625105 Portion of a toothbrush handle  
D625104 Toothbrush  
D625107 Paint roller  
D625108 Wheel drying brush  
D624755 Oral hygiene product  
D624321 Brush handle  
RE41710 Cosmetic brush  
RE41711 Cosmetic brush  
D623862 Paint brush sleeve  
D624264 Grip for cleaning utensil  
D623411 Brush head for cleaning apparatus  
D623418 Mascara brush  
D623416 Disposable tooth brush  
D623413 Toothbrush  
D623414 Toothbrush head with dual lateral concave sides  
D623412 Set of toothbrush bristles with valley and wedge  
D623417 Toilet brushware  
D623415 Toothbrush head  
D622962 Toilet brushware  
D622963 Toothbrush cover  
D622510 Grill brush  
D622509 Toothbrush handle  
D622063 Handle for paint roller  
D621622 Broom block  
D621621 Toothbrush  
D621162 Toilet brushware  
D621160 Toothbrush handle  
D621161 Liquid dispenser  
D621163 Hair brush  
D621159 Toothbrush  
D621158 Toothbrush head  
D620713 Scrub brush and caddy unit  
D620714 Brush  
D620215 Cleaning tool  
7757333 Toothbrush  
A toothbrush head comprising a mid section, a tip section resiliently flexibly connected to the tip end of the mid section, and at least two side sections each resiliently flexibly connected to the...
D619811 Brush  
D619372 Toothbrush base  
D619370 Combined toothbrush and teether  
D619373 Brush for makeup  
D619369 Toothbrush  
D619374 Hair brush  
D619717 Electric tooth polisher  
D619368 Electric tooth brush  
7752701 Cleaning device for golf equipment  
A device for cleaning golf equipment such as golf clubs and golf shoe includes a handle, a brush head surface formed in an underside of the handle at a proximal end thereof, and a plurality of...
D619371 Toothbrush base  
D617992 Bathing brush  
D617562 Toothbrush  
D617563 Three sided toothbrush  
D617564 Toothbrush