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D665178 Grill brush  
D664771 Grill brush  
D664772 Wall brush  
D664363 Grill cleaning tool  
D664360 Oral care implement  
D664364 Head of a cleaning device  
D664358 Toothbrush  
D664359 Toothbrush  
D664361 Mascara brush  
D664362 Brush for cosmetic use  
D663957 Brush head  
8225448 Lint roller  
Disclosed is a lint roller having a handle, and first roll of tape and a second roll of tape. The handle has a support having a first portion and a second portion. The first roll of tape has an...
D663533 Broom  
D663530 Bottle brush handle  
D663532 Broom  
D663531 Grill brush  
D663528 Toothbrush  
D663123 Portion of a toothbrush  
D663124 Combined keyboard brush handle and base  
D663122 Toothbrush  
D663125 Grill brush  
D662715 Brush for cosmetic use  
D662324 Brush head  
D661906 Grill brush  
D661904 Hairbrush  
D661907 Paint brush holder  
D661905 Flow-through extension pole handle  
D661490 Oral care implement  
D661491 Smooth roller  
D661669 Combined comb and brush with case  
D661101 Combined toilet cleaning brush with T-shaped handle and holder therefor  
D661100 Toothbrush  
D661099 Toothbrush  
D661098 Toothbrush  
D660598 Toothbrush bristle  
D660599 Toothbrush  
D660600 Cleaning brush head  
D660006 Dish brush  
D660003 Toothbrush  
D660001 Battery operated toothbrush  
D660002 Toothbrush  
8181304 Implement for brushing hair having a tangle reducing prong configuration  
A system and method of configuring the prongs on a hairbrush. A brush head is provided having a face surface and a plurality of prongs. The prongs are arranged in parallel rows that include at...
D660005 Container with brush applicator  
D660004 Toothbrush with tongue scraper  
D659907 Mascara container  
D658887 Toothbrush  
D658893 Flexible straw brush  
D658886 Toothbrush  
D658888 Toothbrush  
D658883 Toothbrush handle