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D679909 Iron shaped grill brush  
D679509 Hair brush head  
D679505 Combined toothbrush and case  
D679506 Paint brush and handle  
D679508 Container with set of toothbrush handles and removably connectable heads  
D679504 Oral care implement  
D679502 Electric skin brush  
D679503 Toothbrush with tongue scraper, massaging bristles and unique grip  
D679507 Paint brush and handle  
D679096 Toothbrush  
D679097 Molded mascara brush head with branched teeth  
D678679 Toothbrush  
D678684 Cosmetic brush  
D678680 Toothbrush  
D678681 Toothbrush  
D678683 Cosmetic brush  
D678682 Cosmetic brush  
D677903 Paint roller  
D677904 Cosmetic brush  
D677902 Side stopping piece of a paint roller  
D677901 Paint roller  
D677900 Head portion of an oral care implement  
D677471 Cosmetic applicator  
D677470 Brush  
D677469 Screen cleaner  
D677058 Oral care implement  
D677059 Brush  
D677061 Ergonomic brush handle  
D677060 Brush  
D676665 Toothbrush  
D676664 Toothbrush  
D676661 Oral care implement accessory  
D676662 Oral care implement accessory  
D676666 Make-up brush  
D676660 Toothbrush head  
D676663 Toothbrush  
D676246 Bath toy  
D676244 Oral care implement  
8375499 Ergonomically-configured handle for cleaning devices  
An ergonomically-configured handle for tools such as cleaning devices and, more particularly, to a handle for a broom or mop (for example) is formed with curved end terminations to reduce back...
D676245 Oral care implement  
D676243 Oral care implement  
D675830 Toothbrush  
D675829 Electric cosmetics brush handle  
D675831 Oral care implement  
D675832 Brush for makeup  
D675448 Oral care implement  
D675447 Oral care implement  
D675449 Makeup brush  
D675025 Toothbrush handle  
D675024 Toothbrush