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D646897 Toothbrush cover  
D646489 Hair brush  
D646487 Motorized skin care device  
D646849 Disposable razor with brush and lather  
D646490 Cosmetic applicator  
D646488 Hair brush  
D646063 Manual toothbrush  
D646062 Ionic hairbrush  
D645664 Cosmetic applicator  
D646018 Wand for relaxing hair  
D645665 Make-up brush handle  
D645254 Oral care implement  
D645253 Oral care implement  
D645252 Toothbrush  
D645255 Pole for automotive cleaning device  
D644439 Electric toothbrush handle  
D644440 Hair brush  
D644030 Applicator with ergonomic handle design  
D643630 Toilet brush  
D643220 Radial bristle pet grooming brush  
D643218 Dual head battery toothbrush with prophy cup  
D643219 Oral care implement  
D643221 Applicator with ergonomic handle design  
D642801 Toothbrush head  
D642806 Applicator for cosmetics  
D642804 Toothbrush  
D642803 Toothbrush  
D642805 Cosmetic brush  
D642802 Toothbrush  
RE42564 Broom with handle opening in the head thereof  
A broom with a broom head has flared out bristles projecting therefrom so as to form a leading edge for reaching into confined spaces. The broom head has an opening therethrough to define an...
D641555 BBQ grill brush  
D641171 Hair brush  
D640874 Foot brush  
D640873 Lint brush  
D640872 Toothbrush  
D640470 Hair highlighter nozzle  
D640833 Dental floss holder having an interdental brush  
D640469 Toothbrush  
D640471 Duster  
D640059 Portion of a toothbrush  
D640060 Shoe polish applicator  
D639564 Brush for cosmetic use  
D639565 Brush for cosmetic use  
D639069 Toothbrush  
D639070 Double ferrule paint brush  
D639068 Brush head for cleaning apparatus  
D638628 Toothbrush with a scraper  
D638606 Dog chew  
D638223 Paint brush handle  
D638222 Lint roller