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D721503 Facial cleaning apparatus  
D721504 Toothbrush  
D721505 Hair brush  
D721502 Heated hairbrush handle  
8938841 Tooth brushing system  
A tooth brushing system for effectively removing debris and bacteria has an elongated linear handle with a conical flossing brush pivotally located on a handle second end. The system has a tooth...
D721507 Hair brush  
D721233 Hair brush  
D721234 Hair brush  
D720933 Face washing brush  
D720541 Toothbrush  
D720137 Hair brush  
D720138 Hair brush  
D719739 Retractable cosmetic device  
D720106 Dual handle stone grill cleaner  
D719737 Electric toothbrush  
D719738 Oral care implement accessory  
D719358 Head of a cleaning device  
D719357 Soap dispensing dish brush  
D719356 Toothbrush handle  
8904588 Cleaning device  
A cleaning device has a cylindrical housing with a semi-cylindrical cradle and a semi-cylindrical cover which is rotatably mounted in the cradle. A roller is rotatably mounted in the cover and has...
D718941 Cosmetic brush  
D718060 Cosmetic brush ferrule  
D718058 Cleaning brush  
D718056 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D718059 Grill brush  
D718057 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D717547 Handle for electric toothbrush  
D717548 Polyhedral brush  
D716558 Toothbrush  
D716559 Toothbrush  
D716055 Tool handle head  
D716054 Weighted ball bristle brush  
D715559 Oral care implement  
D715560 Handle for toothbrushes  
D715558 Brush head  
D715556 Brush head  
D715561 Portion of a toothbrush  
D715555 Combined powered brush handle, brush head, and charger  
D715554 Combined powered brush handle and brush head  
D715553 Exfoliating brush head assembly  
D715557 Brush head  
D715058 Combined grill oiler and cleaner  
D715059 Combined snow scraper and brush  
D715061 Automotive cleaning brush  
D715060 Set of scrub brushes  
D715057 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D715056 Electric toothbrush  
D714558 Brush with triangular ferrule  
D714556 Mascara brush  
D714557 U-brush