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D733436 Broom head  
D732831 Toothbrush  
D731797 Ergonomic applicator  
D730650 Shaving cream applicator brush  
D730059 Tongue cleaner for a toothbrush  
D730062 Square-to-round brush  
D730189 Nail polish bottle  
D730061 Hair brush barrel  
D730060 Hair brush  
D728944 Hairbrush with comb  
D728945 Angled paint roller  
D728943 Rotating brush  
D728242 Skin care device  
D728241 Facial cleansing brush  
D727626 Combination toothbrush and tongue scraper  
D727627 Toothbrush case  
9015892 Corner-mounted shower brush  
The bodily scrubbing assembly includes a housing that may be mounted within a shower. A plurality of suction cups is coupled to the housing. The suction cups are configured to engage the shower....
D727035 Toothbrush holder  
D727033 Cleaning device  
D727579 Brush core for a sponge brush  
D727034 Paint brush cover  
D727032 Pet washer  
D726418 Dental cleaning device  
D726419 Applicator brush  
D725912 Brush  
D725914 Ergonomic applicator  
D725913 Mascara brush head  
D724847 Mascara brush head  
D724850 Hair brush  
D724848 Mascara brush head  
D724849 Hair brush  
D724846 Toothbrush  
D724845 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D724324 Toothbrush head with tongue cleaner  
D723808 Toothbrush  
D724268 Hair roller  
8973201 Broom assembly  
A broom assembly is provided. The broom assembly includes a broom head which comprises an elongated back plate and a plurality of bristles extending from the back plate. The broom assembly also...
D723807 Toothbrush handle  
8973200 Ergonomic sweeping device  
An ergonomic sweeping device that can be used with one hand while providing a user with proper biomechanical alignment and support, which can reduce muscular strain, fatigue, and the potential for...
D723809 Toothbrush with attachments  
D723284 Toothbrush  
D723285 Toothbrush with attachments  
D723287 Combined paintbrush and pivoting knife tool  
D723286 Toothbrush with attachments  
D723283 Dental hygiene device handle  
D723282 Toothbrush head  
D722772 Head portion of a toothbrush  
D721892 Brush  
D721506 Hair brush  
D721508 Hair brush