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D743703 Brush handle  
D743701 Roller cover adaptor  
D743176 Water broom  
D743173 Battery powered toothbrush with cylindrical brush  
D743177 Shaving razor handle with brush  
D743174 Face brush  
D743175 Toothbrush  
D742648 Toothbrush head  
D742650 Combination eyebrow brush, comb, and tweezer  
D742649 Toothbrush  
D742647 Powered brush handle  
D742121 Grill brush  
D742120 Foldable toothbrush  
D741601 Facial cleansing apparatus  
D741604 Paint roller with flexible shaft  
D741605 Barbecue grill cleaner with barrier flap  
D741602 Glove with a pad for painting  
D741603 Container for a cosmetic product  
D741606 Silicone-handled paintbrush  
D741068 Applicator  
D740568 Cleaning device  
D740569 Brush  
D740033 Dental cleaning head  
D739659 Dispensing brush  
D739660 Hair brush  
D739710 Universal brush and tool holder  
D739658 Toothbrush  
D739146 Toothbrush  
D739148 Polyhedral brush  
D739145 Face brush  
D739147 Fabric care brush  
D738626 Flexible finger brush with polishing knob  
D738625 Rotating hair brush  
D738628 Glue brush  
D738627 Toothbrush  
D738629 Shaving cream applicator brush  
D737056 Broom head  
D736462 Personal care device  
D735998 Toothbrush  
D735477 Brush attachment for a flat iron  
D734949 Rounded brush  
D735382 Illuminating sleeve  
D734614 Toothbrush head  
D734613 Brush head for electric toothbrush  
D734039 Brush head  
D734038 Launcher cleaning brush  
D733433 Toothbrush  
D733437 Paint brush  
D733434 Adhesive tape roll cleaner  
D733435 Mascara brush