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D782817 Handbag  
D782815 Holder for feminine hygiene articles  
D782879 Pan holder  
D782819 Ammo bucket  
D782821 Storage bag  
D782814 Holder for feminine hygiene articles  
D782812 Walking stick handle  
D782820 Collapsible duffel bag  
D782191 Case for an electronic device  
D782183 Razor stand  
D782194 Portable storage caddy  
D782181 Single pointed knitting needle  
D782186 Breacher bag  
D782565 Pick holder  
D782187 Display tote bag  
D782188 Tote bag  
D782180 Spool  
D782185 Mobile device holder with pocket  
D782184 Fashion audio pouch  
D782182 Device for storing and carrying vehicle battery jumper cables  
D782189 Wallet  
D782193 Suitcase  
D782192 Wedge gun case  
D782179 Umbrella hub  
D782190 Wallet  
D782195 Rigid bin  
D781571 Hook clip to suspend eyewear or other articles  
D781586 Tote handle  
D781579 Fringed bag  
D781581 Leather wallet  
D781578 Bag  
D781570 Combination lanyard and earplug holder  
D781575 Backpack with multiple compartments  
D781573 Backpack  
D781772 Combined ground station and case for unmanned aerial vehicle  
D781580 Handbag  
D781584 Parts storage container  
D781577 Belt mount rifle sling holder  
D781576 Electronic device holder  
D781582 Hanging eyewear case  
D781585 Bin  
D781574 Backpack with hat and boot compartments  
D781587 Luggage wheel assembly  
D781569 Case  
D781572 Portable container  
D781583 Combination luggage cart and luggage  
D781053 Handbag  
D781148 Tray  
D781051 Carry case  
D781050 Complementary support for cradle holding an electronic device