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D768992 Luggage identification strap  
D768988 Handbag with knot pattern  
D768983 Chain trim detail for handbags  
D768978 Umbrella base  
D768993 Strap for musical instrument  
D768987 Tote bag  
D768985 Suitcase  
D768991 Rope strap with expanding end loops  
D768989 Handbag organizer insert  
D768982 Cell phone holster  
D768979 Key ring lanyard  
D768981 Backpack for footwear  
D768381 Bag attached to a blanket  
D768377 Personal medical dispenser  
D768384 Tool kit case  
D768382 Wallet  
D768378 Air travel carrier bag  
D768380 Bag  
D768934 Hair stylist's chair accessory with mounting straps  
D768546 Cane holding device for walker  
D768379 Silicone handbag  
D768383 Wallet  
D768385 Tote handle  
D767851 Wristband  
D767888 Diary case  
D767881 Handbag  
D767878 Armband for mobile phone  
D767883 Handbag  
D767894 Suitcase handle  
D767885 Handbag  
D767889 Glasses case  
D767986 Kippah case with domed insert  
D767886 Handbag  
D767874 Cane with integrated lights  
D767892 Garment bag and luggage combination  
D767975 Key holder with label space  
D767884 Handbag  
D767890 Bottle carrier  
D767879 Accessory pocket  
D767891 Wine bottle wallet  
D767887 Bag  
D768121 Case accessory  
D767875 Louvered walker  
D767877 Home care nursing bag  
D767876 Walking cane  
D767880 Modular purse  
D767893 Suitcase  
D767882 Handbag  
D767273 Handbag  
D767279 Utility caddy