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D773808 Handbag  
D773818 Backing for tool pouch  
D773804 Phone holding belt  
D773813 Tote bag  
D773819 Handle for luggage  
D773814 Suitcase  
D773815 Mesh basket  
D773805 Open grip chest holster with magazine pouch  
D773801 Keychain clip for a handbag  
D773799 Button for a handle  
D773817 Storage and carrying case for a fire extinguisher canister  
D773802 Armband  
D773812 Handbag  
D773178 Clutch bag  
D773190 Carrying case with attachment  
D773183 Eyewear bag  
D773176 Case with a clip  
D773191 Flap for a bag  
D773188 Crate  
D773449 Mobile phone holder  
D773179 Volleyball purse  
D773185 Cosmetic case  
D773186 Cosmetic case  
D773187 Storage box  
D773181 Wallet  
D773184 Tool box  
D773189 Contoured handle  
D773175 Medication dispenser  
D773173 Umbrella handle  
D773180 Handbag  
D773174 Oval knitting loom  
D773177 Handbag  
D772577 Elastic shoulder support with shoulder pad and pivot  
D772566 Handbag  
D772561 Bag  
D772559 Packaging for a wound therapy system  
D772569 Passport holder and organizer  
D772576 Zipper housing  
D772567 Wallet  
D772560 Backpack  
D772572 Ear piece case  
D772575 Container  
D773125 Sleeping basket for a domestic animal  
D772571 Luggage  
D772568 Wallet  
D772573 Carrier  
D772562 Portable dry bag soft cooler  
D772570 Ball receptacle  
D772679 Multi-function key-shaped tool  
D772564 Handbag