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D774768 Handbag raincoat  
D774748 Article holster  
D774751 Athletic arm band  
D774750 Modular backpack  
D774757 Travel case  
D774764 Bin  
D774746 Umbrella handle  
D775057 Bicycle tote  
D774755 Bag  
D774760 Headphone case  
D774754 Tool holder for T-shaped tools  
D774767 Handle attachment of case for electronic device  
D774763 Bin  
D774745 Crutch saddle  
D774904 Collar container  
D774752 Handheld case assembly  
D774747 Bottle tote  
D774762 Container  
D774749 Armband holder  
D774770 Bag holder  
D774761 Sanitary transparent remote control enclosure  
D774766 Cleaning materials bag for vehicles  
D774758 Suitcase  
D774759 Cosmetic case  
D774753 Tool holder for T-shaped tools  
D774756 Bag  
D774765 Tool holder  
D774769 Stowable and adjustable sternum strap  
D774300 Bag  
D774298 Dual tool retractable holster for a belt  
D774705 Pet bed  
D774297 Ergonomic twin baby carrier  
D774303 Extension handle for a suitcase  
D774301 Bag  
D774306 Golf bag base  
D774302 Cue caddy  
D774304 Wide trolley  
D774299 Handbag  
D774305 Purse decoration  
D774307 Golf bag base  
D773800 Pouch  
D773811 Bag  
D773820 Pouch with applied tape  
D773806 Weapon holster  
D773821 Medium tote lid with stacking supports  
D773803 Hand-held device holder  
D773809 Bag  
D773810 Handbag  
D773807 Zippered waist belt carrier  
D773816 Holder