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D776926 Basket  
D776923 Bag  
D776928 Basket  
D776925 Suitcase with hygienic products organizer  
D776931 Child carrier having adjustable seat coupling  
D776934 Bag strap with corner sliders  
D776929 Tote bag  
D776428 Plunger  
D776434 Cushioned strap for concession tray  
D776427 Golf bag top  
D776426 Card holder  
D776431 Zipper bag closure  
D776523 Case  
D776432 Luggage with zipper and identification tag  
D776423 Carrying case for medical delivery device  
D776425 Satchel  
D776429 Combination changing pad and organizer clutch  
D776424 Holster for a gun  
D776488 Handle with hook  
D776433 Luggage panel  
D776430 Bin  
D775823 Handbag  
D775818 Wearable headphone storage case  
D775828 Tray with magnetic back panel  
D775815 Skin-to-skin care garment  
D775829 Tray with magnetic back panel  
D775833 Security bin liner  
D775831 Containers  
D775827 Tray with magnetic back panel  
D775834 Tag for bag  
D775819 Bag  
D775830 Containers  
D775832 Customizable caddy  
D775822 Bag  
D775821 Handbag  
D775817 Backpack with integrated speaker assembly  
D775814 Pen box  
D775826 Case  
D775820 Bag  
D775816 Backpack  
D775824 Wallet  
D775825 Travel bag  
D775461 Umbrella base  
D775467 Storage container and portion of a rack  
D775466 Tray with magnetic back panel  
D775464 Container  
D775468 Collapsible bag  
D775463 Tool box  
D775462 Pill container  
D775465 Container