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D789691 Luggage  
D789692 Handbag clasp  
D787174 Storage box  
D787188 Strap for a bag or other wearable pack  
D787187 Insulating device  
D786561 Insulating device  
D786559 Insulating device  
D786558 Lid for containers  
D786560 Insulating device  
D786562 Insulating device  
D785944 Lock for a handbag  
D785945 Leash attachment for securing carry-on luggage to seatback  
D785334 Combined gift bag and transaction card  
D782822 Handbag with applied ornament  
D782823 Strap mount for bag  
D781586 Tote handle  
D781587 Luggage wheel assembly  
D780581 Bottle carrier  
D780580 Bottle carrier  
D780582 Bottle carrier  
D780454 Backpack  
D779943 Bottle carrier  
D779829 Suitcase handle  
D779945 Bottle carrier  
D779944 Bottle carrier  
D779946 Bottle carrier  
D779947 Bottle carrier  
D779210 Handbag raincoat  
D779209 Handbag with interior pockets  
D779211 Suitcase closure  
D778613 Waterproof cover for sports bags  
D778612 Handbag raincoat  
D778052 Handbag cover with applied raindrop pattern  
D778054 Luggage handle  
D778053 Luggage handle  
D778051 Shoulder strap system for a backpack  
D777437 Case with integrated lock  
D777439 Extension handle for a suitcase  
D777441 Luggage handle  
D777436 Set of pocket corner caps  
D777440 Knapsack cover  
D777438 Extension handle for a suitcase  
D776930 Carrying case with attachment  
D776932 Small tote lid with stacking supports  
D776931 Child carrier having adjustable seat coupling  
D776431 Zipper bag closure  
D776432 Luggage with zipper and identification tag  
D775833 Security bin liner  
D775834 Tag for bag  
D775468 Collapsible bag