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D790221 Tool box  
D789087 Jack mounted storage box  
D789086 Tool box  
D788462 Jewelry box  
D787825 Suitcase  
D787183 Jack mounted storage box  
D781772 Combined ground station and case for unmanned aerial vehicle  
D781584 Parts storage container  
D781569 Case  
D780439 Ammunition box compressor  
D779204 Dispenser  
D779203 Parts storage container  
D778608 Container  
D777426 Ammunition box  
D775818 Wearable headphone storage case  
D775826 Case  
D775463 Tool box  
D774757 Travel case  
D774760 Headphone case  
D773817 Storage and carrying case for a fire extinguisher canister  
D772572 Ear piece case  
D771381 Tool box  
D770179 Tool box  
D768985 Suitcase  
D767277 Tool box  
D765974 Trunk  
D765972 Combined suitcase and tracking apparatus  
D765973 Trunk  
D762979 Box  
D761023 Carrying case  
D761022 Tool box  
D759971 Case  
D759377 Case  
D759378 Jewelry case  
D757435 Tool case  
D754436 Tool box  
D753917 Box for bits and/or tools  
D753396 Tool box  
D753397 Tool box  
D753394 Tool box  
D753395 Portable tool box  
D750890 Storage container with handle  
D749848 Box for bits and/or tools  
D749845 Bit box  
D749846 Box for bits and/or tools  
D749847 Box for bits and/or tools  
D747875 Tool box  
D747606 Locking container  
D747607 Rectangular locking container  
D746058 Locking container