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D769584 Decorative head cover  
D769600 Shoe upper  
D769587 Footwear  
D769580 Jacket  
D769597 Upper for a shoe  
D769577 Surgical support underwear garment  
D769609 Shoe strap  
D769585 Trapper hat  
D769604 Shoe upper  
D769608 Footwear closure  
D769590 Footwear article  
D769579 Garment  
D769588 Boot  
D769586 Shoe  
D769595 Outsole for a shoe  
D769603 Shoe upper  
D769592 Sole for footwear  
D769610 Boot shaper  
D769594 Shoe outsole  
D769602 Shoe upper  
D769606 Shoe upper  
D769593 Shoe outsole  
D769599 Footwear upper  
D769581 Article of clothing  
D769576 Hands free pumping bustier  
D769575 Scarf  
D769596 Shoe outsole  
D769582 Shirt  
D769611 Thong sock  
D769605 Shoe upper  
D769583 Braided headwear cap  
D769591 Sole for footwear  
D769607 Shoe lace  
D769598 Upper for a shoe  
D769589 Shoe  
D769601 Shoe upper  
D769578 Maternity garment  
D768965 Combination athletic headband with removable cooling element  
D768956 Posture enhancement strap  
D768969 Shoe midsole  
D768976 Shoe upper  
D768966 Hat  
D768975 Footwear upper  
D768971 Orthotic insole  
D768959 Bib shorts  
D768973 Boot  
D768962 Nursing cover  
D768955 Insert for a preknotted adjustable necktie  
D768953 Permanently folded pocket square  
D768961 Play cape with low collar