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D783974 Shoe outsole  
D783968 Shoe outsole  
D783999 Shoe upper  
D783967 Shoe outsole  
D783981 Shoe upper  
D783986 Shoe upper  
D783955 Sandal  
D783936 Garment  
D783962 Outer sole of a boat shoe  
D783947 Shirt  
D783978 Shoe upper  
D783227 Compartmentalized hand warmer  
D783450 Bra to pant clothing support clip  
D783255 Shoe  
D783251 Shoe upper  
D783263 Shoe upper  
D783234 Tee shirt  
D783240 Boot  
D783260 Shoe upper  
D783231 Garment  
D783238 Headwear visor-with bill-mounted sun shade  
D783253 Shoe upper  
D783250 Shoe outsole  
D783265 Sock  
D783243 PVC-based rubber open toe shoe  
D783241 Shoe  
D783228 Glove with paws  
D783262 Shoe upper  
D783259 Shoe upper  
D783906 Rubber glove  
D783239 Shoe cover  
D783232 Sockpants garment  
D783245 Shoe midsole  
D783261 Shoe upper  
D783237 Cover-up garment  
D783244 Shoe  
D783229 Glove  
D783249 Shoe outsole  
D783246 Shoe midsole  
D783264 Shoe  
D783230 Garment  
D783258 Shoe upper  
D783252 Shoe upper  
D783257 Shoe upper  
D783242 Shoe  
D783247 Shoe midsole  
D783236 Arm sleeve for training  
D783235 Tailor shirt  
D783254 Shoe upper  
D783256 Shoe upper