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D783942 Animal print dress  
D784003 Shoe upper  
D783950 Hat with panels having pegged protrusions  
D783970 Shoe outsole  
D783966 Shoe outsole  
D783953 Sandal assembly  
D784002 Shoe upper  
D783952 Boot with sewn in magnetic insert  
D783929 Nursing scarf  
D783946 Reversible sling shirt  
D783975 Shoe  
D783989 Shoe upper  
D783987 Shoe upper  
D783932 Shirt  
D783959 Shoe midsole  
D783976 Shoe upper  
D783935 Shirt  
D783945 Hooded garment  
D783961 Footwear outsole  
D783930 Bra  
D783964 Shoe outsole  
D783944 Garment  
D783994 Shoe upper  
D783939 Jeans  
D783971 Shoe outsole  
D783934 Garment  
D783991 Shoe upper  
D783969 Shoe outsole  
D783949 Upper body garment  
D783982 Shoe upper  
D783965 Shoe outsole  
D784000 Shoe upper  
D783984 Shoe upper  
D783985 Shoe upper  
D783995 Shoe upper  
D783993 Shoe upper  
D783937 Garment bottom  
D783996 Shoe upper  
D783972 Shoe sole  
D784193 Curvilinear zipper  
D783957 Combined sandal upper and midsole  
D783958 Shoe midsole  
D783997 Shoe upper  
D784004 Leg warmer  
D783983 Shoe upper  
D783988 Shoe upper  
D783956 Sandal  
D783938 Compression garment  
D783960 Shoe midsole  
D783941 Pants