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D785921 Shoe upper  
D785910 Fishing waders  
D786055 Fastening device  
D785914 Footwear  
D785916 Foot covering for fitness and dance  
D785903 Frame bra  
D785918 Ultra lightweight trail running spikes  
D785919 Shoe upper  
D785912 Disposable protective footwear cover  
D785923 Shoe upper  
D785908 Dress  
D785915 Portion of a boot upper  
D785924 Wrist band  
D785922 Shoe upper  
D785911 Boonie hat  
D785913 Overshoe  
D785917 Shoe outsole bottom  
D785920 Shoe upper  
D785909 Controlled distribution grain container  
D785902 Scarf  
D785904 Survival suit  
D785905 Bathing suit  
D785294 Headscarf cover for bump cap  
D785306 Sole  
D785307 Sole for footwear  
D785289 Swim suit top garment  
D785312 Shoe upper  
D785284 Medical gown  
D785311 Shoe upper  
D785299 Shoe  
D785282 Combination necktie and bowtie  
D785308 Boot with notch  
D785297 Sandal upper  
D785304 Shoe outsole  
D785302 Instability footwear sole  
D785300 Shoe  
D785290 Undergament requiring assistance to remove  
D785291 Martial arts uniform  
D785310 Shoe upper with lacing arrangement  
D785296 Half shoe with sole  
D785288 Garment  
D785303 Shoe outsole  
D785283 Garment with legs of different lengths  
D785293 Parka  
D785305 Footwear tread  
D785301 Shoe  
D785287 Backless bathing suit  
D785286 Pant  
D785295 Canvas shoe with toe cover, decorative toe bumper pattern, and two decorative foxing stripes along the toe cover  
D785313 Shoe upper