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D789031 Glove  
D789037 Trousers  
D789056 Outsole  
D789053 Shoe midsole  
D789047 Boot  
D789058 Shoe outsole  
D789042 Garment  
D789041 Garment with carrying case for medical delivery device  
D789028 Pocket square retainer  
D789032 Glove holder  
D789029 Glove portion with keyboard adapted to receive a device  
D789036 Garment  
D789062 Upper of a footwear article  
D789066 Shoe upper  
D789057 Shoe outsole  
D789048 Boot  
D789040 Jacket  
D789061 Upper of a footwear article  
D789072 Shoe upper  
D789051 Shoe midsole  
D789055 Shoe midsole  
D789039 Garment with two waistbands  
D789033 Sleeping bag  
D789045 Sneaker  
D789069 Shoe upper  
D789035 Short  
D789067 Shoe upper  
D789046 Boot  
D788431 Shoe upper  
D788416 Shoe midsole  
D788412 Ball-retrieving hat  
D788436 Shoe upper  
D788439 Shoe upper  
D788406 Pants with integral underwear  
D788430 Insole  
D788409 Child's garment  
D788424 Shoe outsole  
D788425 Shoe outsole  
D788420 Shoe outsole  
D788445 Decorative wrap  
D788411 Swim cap  
D788415 Shoe midsole  
D788413 Geometric shaped hat  
D788426 Shoe outsole  
D788438 Shoe upper  
D788440 Shoe upper  
D788442 Shoe upper  
D788428 Shoe outsole bottom  
D788418 Shoe outsole  
D788405 Scrub top