Match Document Document Title
D779163 Shirt  
D779181 Sole for footwear  
D779169 Football player novelty hat  
D779156 Medical gown  
D779188 Shoe upper  
D779172 Headwear visor  
D779190 Shoe upper  
D779166 Jeans with jewelry hoop on hem  
D779173 Shoe upper  
D779180 Shoe outsole  
D779175 Shoe sidewall  
D779154 Christmas tree bow tie  
D779171 Santa baseball cap  
D779161 Pants  
D779192 Shoe upper  
D779162 Short sleeve garment without back strap  
D779179 Shoe  
D779184 Shoe  
D779170 Novelty headwear with flag indicia  
D779167 Garment pocket  
D779155 Medical gown  
D779183 Shoe upper  
D779176 Shoe outsole  
D779160 Trousers with selvage  
D779174 Shoe midsole  
D779189 Shoe upper  
D779178 Shoe outsole  
D779355 Rope formed by interlocking stitches for use in jewelry, clothing, accessories, or applied to the surface of articles of manufacture  
D779165 Dickey garment with pouches for heat packs  
D779186 Shoe upper  
D779185 Boot  
D779158 Shorts  
D779191 Shoe  
D779168 Headwear cap with protective screen and neck sunshade flap  
D779187 Shoe upper  
D779159 Apparel  
D778569 Shoe upper  
D778534 Sleeping bag garment  
D778559 Traction element for a shoe outsole  
D778543 Shirt  
D778539 Shorts  
D778528 Scarf  
D778570 Shoe upper  
D778554 Shoe outsole  
D778573 Shoe upper  
D778575 Shoe upper  
D778571 Shoe upper  
D778527 Scarf  
D778556 Shoe outsole  
D778547 Curved thick hat brim