Match Document Document Title
D780435 Thigh high foot thong  
D780416 Shoe outsole bottom  
D780421 Shoe outsole  
D780422 Shoe ice grip accessory  
RE46331 Pants  
D780427 Shoe upper  
D780412 Baseball-style hat with rear opening  
D780419 Shoe outsole  
D780432 Shoe upper  
D780402 Boot jack  
D780415 Shoe outsole  
D780404 Trousers  
D780428 Shoe upper  
D780408 Garment  
D779803 Shoe outsole  
D779787 Shirt  
D779782 Glove  
D779781 Glove  
D779790 Cap shade extender  
D779794 Footwear  
D779800 Single-sole shoe with outpatch sole  
D779799 Single-sole shoe with stripe and outpatch sole  
D779780 Neckwear  
D779805 Shoe sole  
D779784 Stocking seating and removal device  
D779779 Scarf  
D779806 Shoe sole  
D779795 Shoe  
D779796 Shoe  
D779786 Shorts  
D779798 Single-sole shoe with orange sole  
D779807 Shoe upper  
D779791 Footwear  
D779785 Children's garment with fold over foot  
D780380 Glove with plurality of grip elements  
D779801 Single-sole shoe with stripe and outpatch sole  
D779809 Pair of socks with fasteners  
D779802 Shoe outsole  
D779783 Glove  
D779793 Shoe  
D779797 Irish dance pump  
D779808 Boot accessory  
D779804 Footwear outsole  
D779789 Helmet  
D779788 Athletic pants  
D779792 Footwear  
D779164 Women's tank top with built-in breast support  
D779182 Shoe  
D779157 Apparel with angled stretch panel  
D779177 Shoe outsole