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D783233 Apparel  
D783248 Shoe outsole  
D782788 Boot  
D782809 Shoe upper  
D782797 Shoe outsole  
D782793 Sole  
D782789 Shoe sole  
D782792 Shoe outsole  
D782781 Pair of dishwashing gloves  
D782808 Footwear  
D782785 Fashion headwear cap  
D782807 Shoe upper  
D782799 Shoe outsole  
D782798 Shoe outsole  
D782803 Shoe upper  
D782804 Shoe upper  
D782786 Hair net  
D782811 Pair of grip socks with split toe opening  
D782791 Shoe outsole  
D782800 Shoe upper  
D782796 Shoe outsole  
D782802 Shoe upper  
D782780 Decorative pocket square  
D782782 Shooting glove  
D782810 Shoe upper  
D782787 Clothing article  
D782790 Shoe midsole  
D782794 Shoe outsole  
D782784 Magnetic collar link  
D782801 Footwear  
D782805 Shoe upper  
D782806 Shoe upper  
D782795 Shoe outsole  
D782783 Hoodie with lace up front  
D782159 Jeans  
D782177 Shoe upper  
D782172 Footwear  
D782163 Pant cuff with elastic  
D782173 Footwear  
D782169 Shoe outsole  
D782162 Pocket  
D782178 Pair of grip socks with open tops  
D782175 Shoe upper  
D782155 Maternity undergarment  
D782170 Shoe outsole  
D782158 Women's brief garment  
D782164 Baby bib  
D782153 Glove with hooves  
D782154 Pad support assembly for device to assist paraplegics with getting dressed  
D782176 Footwear