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Match Document Document Title
D756611 Sports ball hat  
D754421 Baseball helmet  
D750871 Baseball helmet right hand batter  
D749303 Head visor with plug-in accessory sockets  
D741048 Ball cap having indicia comprising a baseball skin  
D738071 Novelty light bulb hat  
D731156 Statue of Liberty novelty cap  
D703418 Cap  
D683110 Football shaped hat  
D683109 Team mascot hat  
D678662 Bra-shaped visor  
D660554 Hat with fin  
D643186 Visor with bandana  
D626727 Baseball cap with mountain sheep big horns  
D612134 Cap with a double front bill  
D588784 Puppy cap  
D571981 Sports cap with athletic shoe motif  
D558955 Head gear with projecting indicia  
D520215 Visor  
7017192 Novelty hat  
A novelty hat assembled from lightweight, flat foam members and shaped, for example, like a racecar. The novelty hat includes details, such as wheels, windshields, racecar number, and team logos,...
D517285 Hat  
D460243 Sun visor for lady  
D459574 Dual visor football cap  
D454678 Hat with mascot/football player attached  
D441518 Cap with top light the word `score` in lights  
6035446 Headwear with wood visor  
A visor for attachment to a support element is provided that comprises either a rigid wood layer, or an exterior surface that has a wood grain appearance. Also provided is a hat in combination...
D419752 Baseball cap with decorative bill  
6012174 Integral skin foam hat  
A foam hat depicting a race car has a smooth outer surface providing a more realistic depiction of the car by promoting the formation of a void free skin on the foam. The hat may include a pocket...
6000063 Novelty sports hat with three-dimensional team insignia  
A sports insignia cap that includes a crown element forming a dome shape adapted to be worn atop a person's head, a spongy, flexible form having a configuration indicative of a sports team...
D412773 Fish tail shaped visor  
D410690 Rattle head cap  
D407189 Mistletoe cap  
D406686 Novelty sun visor  
D404892 Novelty hat  
D403140 Sports cap  
D399991 Head gear  
D396136 Cap  
5781934 Simulative sports cap kit  
The sports cap kit includes a sports cap with a primary symbol representing a favored sports team attached to the cap above a visor thereof. The primary symbol has a normally open mouth including...
D387889 Visor  
D387888 Hat  
D374331 Cap  
5561864 Doll headwear  
A form of headwear that is adapted to be worn by a human, generally a child, generally in the form of a cap or visor. Mounted on the frontal section of the cap is the first type of engagable...
D366751 Novelty sports hat  
D366558 Visor  
D364494 Basketball cap  
D363595 Sports ball cap  
5457821 Hat simulating a fried egg  
A novelty hat in the form of a baseball cap has a yellow colored dome shaped top and a white colored brim, the outer periphery of which is irregular and part of which projects outwardly to form a...
D362743 Novelty cap  
D360518 Paper engineer's cap  
D359159 Logo sports cap  
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